My New Fender Telecaster

Just bought a new Fender Telecaster. The FSR, Butterscotch, Ash body. I've been playing Fender guitars for 43 years and I always wanted the Butterscotch Tele. Well...I had the money, Guitar Center had one in stock so I went for it. Wow! The quintessential Tele and it's all mine. Soon after that I bought a VOX AC15. Boy oh boy; the combination of those two just can't be beat. 
Bear1956 Bear1956
61-65, M
7 Responses Dec 14, 2012

Got loads from 54 strat to moden upto date

I too love teles. I woodwork so i'm building a couple. I say a couple because of the different pickup configurations.

sorry for all the abuse. I understand...been will get better...glad U play music. I play piano and kyboard and sometimes it feels good to excape into music.

im just happy ur happy :) !!!!!!

sound is something i miss the most because of my hearing problem, but im happy for you because when you say something is sweet or grate when it comes to music or something you heard ill believe you, Thanks see you around from time to time later

Sound great ,Goood for you.

damn, i wish i could play! sounds awesome, rock on!