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For many years now I have had the fantasy of being used as a punching bag by a girl before being intimate with her. I think that being punched is a fantastic form of foreplay because it unleashes a torrent of endorphins. I don’t like rough sex, but pre-sex roughhousing is definitely a turn-on for me. I really enjoyed the scene in the film Koroshiya Ichi where Kakihara gets Karen to beat him and complains when she does not hit hard enough. The user CooperTrooper has/had a still from this scene as his profile picture. I have asked girlfriends in the past to hit/punch/choke me, but everyone I have gone out with was very uncomfortable with this. I also was disappointed when I learned that the BDSM community is only interested in slapping/spanking and not actual blows. My skin smarting after a smack does nothing for me. What I really crave is the dull numbness that immediately follows a good, hard punch. Any ladies who are interested in beating their partners, please respond.
TIMeNIHIL TIMeNIHIL 22-25, M 8 Responses Jan 17, 2011

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The 1st time my girlfriend came over to the house she. Was snooping around and found my equipment bag with gloves headgear and cup. She asked why i never told her that i had boxed before. I was honest and told i never had....from then it has been game on. I bought her a pair of gloves and she loves punching me where i ask her to including my cup covered junk.

i like when my partner punches me.

are you aroused by boxing ? knockout hooks to the chin ? boxers being sent asleep on the mat ? are hoping your partner knocks you out with a hook just to experience a boxing typical slipping pill ?

I've only known two women who enjoyed boxing. One was a trainer and one enjoyed beating me up, but neither of them wanted a relationship.

O.O <br />
If I were single, and you were older...

Hmmmm I getcha.... Im deffo feeling it. <br />
I wouldnt wanna be hit back tho....

Take care "Punchy".....There are a lot of women out there who would fantasy punch a guy to get his equipment going.......Put on a pair of nice shiny boxing trunks, a good headgear, and large soft boxing gloves and you will get what you want.....lots of girls get turned on to a man in his boxing trunks.....some like the gloves too..........and some girls would not mind hitting you in the head to crank your crank....This might be just the site for you to find your boxing girls who would love hitting you.....Maybe start a new section all for yourself....."Boxer likes to get punched in the head by women as foreplay to great sex!" Good Luck Boxer Boy - there has to be a girl out there for you - maybe many !!!!!!