Do you all have favorite youtube channels for indulging your boxing fetish? Harborfighter is okay but nobody ever gets knocked down in his fights. On the girl vs girl side, I've found a few good oldies from Leather and Lace but the users often lose their accounts for one reason or another. I had finally found an old favorite where Blake Mitchell dominates a weak blonde girl, with three knockdowns before the KO, but then it disappeared.
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Ah, Blake Mitchell - a boxing fantasy for all of us guys.<br />
<br />
Except in her mixed boxing videos - she is either up against obese, pale-skinned "Mike" or a smaller better, but not great guy. <br />
In her one Leather & Lace bout with a guy - it's some stupid blow job boxing scenario.<br />
<br />
In some of her girl v girl bouts - she actually has been "knocked out" or so the plot line is...

Harborfighter can't fight to save his life. He is pretty inept, and in his bouts the guys dance around and harly land a punch. The guy is a joke.