Me And Boxing + A Mistake In A Boxing Opponent Or 2

I was skinny and finally in college started to develop some muscle tone.

Had done "kid boxing" when in high school at home in the basement with friends but using those Everlast kiddie gloves - probably 10 oz at most. My buddy Craig was big for his age - had a bit of a gut - looked like Pugsley on the old Addams Family show. Our boxing style was probably more swatting at each other with intermitant gut shots, But we thought it was "almost" Golden Gloves. We boxed 5-6 times one Summer. Boxing started to become a big turn-on for skinny non-jock me.
Wonder what Craig turned out like - we lost track after high school - but he liked to box.

Boxed and wrestled another more muscular high school friend in gym shorts one Summer when both of our folks - who were long-time friends were out of town - thank goodness he has forgotten about it. We did about 4 good rounds - more realistic boxing then with Craig.

In college I bought 2 cheap pair of discount store supposedly 16 oz gloves but want to say they were probably more 12 oz. or kids big gloves. I was very tentative about talking to folks about boxing in the dorm. In 2 years that I owned them - used them maybe 3 times and passed them on to another dorm guy.

We had a pharmacist's son, Ron, who was real serious about boxing and he had been a high school football player. He was too big for me to approach but he had a laughable bout with one of my roommates` when the latter was drunk. He had about 7-8 dorm Saturday night bouts while I went to school with him - with other big guys. I can remember one day walking past his open dorm room and Ron was in his jeans, shirtless and shadow boxing in his gloves. I wanted to be more fit like him
AND box.

When I graduated and made money in my first job, I stumbled across a sporting goods store on the other side of town one day. Saw a set of 16 oz Jaguar (made in India) padded, lace-up gloves and bought them. Loved the feel, the padding and the weight. Bought them. Envisioned sparring with my roommate whose Dad was crazy about any kind of boxing. Except my roommate wouldn't box.

Boxed once in shirt and jeans with a friend now deceased - who had boxed in high school but we were just screwing around. He was chunky, had good pecs (seen at a couple of pool parties) but I could never get him again to box with me. Wanted to box him shirtless and in trunks.

My next room-mate had been a friend and co-worker but never knew that he was a binge drinker nor gay. He also came on to me - several times when drunk and I couldn't deal with it nor him owing me 3 mos. rent and I moved him out.

About 6 weeks later - Rick came to visit and say that he was going to AA and was trying to stay sober..
We had been good friends for about 4 years when out of the blue - I asked him that night, if he had ever done any boxing.
He hemmed and hawed and said when in junior college - he had been talked into a gym ring bout after-hours and ended up getting beaten badly.
But if I took it easy on him - he'd try it.
Off came the shirts on - on with the big gloves - he said that mine were much bigger than the ones he had been beaten up in.
We started to box in my apt. living room - he was better than I thought - skinny but flat stomach and surprising big pecs. We were good for about 30 minutes of sparring with a couple of breaks.

That Summer - we boxed about 7-8 Saturday nights (we both worked Sunday-Thursday jobs.
Could never get him to put on gym shorts - so we always boxed in jeans.

I made what could have been a big mistake that Summer.
Rick's nephew from Kansas - came down to stay with him for a week. I thought that he was 16 - a big, gym-pumped up 160 pound football player. Rick was at work and I promised to drive the kid around for him to buy clothes for Fall.
I was 23 or` 24 then and should have known better - but the kid kept talking about "needing to work-out"..
I asked him if he had ever boxed - he hadn't.
He had gym shorts - I stopped and got mine and the gloves.
We went to the backyard outside Rick's building and started to box. The kid was strong and knocked me down twice. I face hit him and he looked like he was going to cry - no one had done that before. He didn't understand that was a part of boxing. The tougher that he gave it to me - I decided to give back. We boxed about 15 minutes - it felt good to me to be boxing "a jock".
Rick came home and found us. He was laughing at us both. Then said that "the bout" was over.
The nephew went back to the apartment but Rick pulled me aside and said - "you know that he's only 14, don't you?".
Now THAT scared me - I was boxing an underage juvenile and I was an adult.

I ended up giving Rick the pairs of gloves in time. He boxed with a former student of his (the kid was in jr college) several times but we never got a chance to box again for about a year. Hell - I would have liked to box with the jr. college kid. He had anger issues about his Dad and needed an outlet to vent with..
Rick moved and put stuff in storage with friends but their house was in the path of a 100 year flood and the gloves and so much more were ruined by water damage.

I ended up buying another set of cheapy Everlast gloves and we sparred at his new shared apartment . but it wasn't the same. His room-mate (who was gay) - called me up to say that HE didn't want me boxing with Rick any more because he was afraid that one of us would get hurt. Threatened to complain to the police about me.

Being almost OCD - I pitched the gloves but 4 years later working in Lubbock - I was boxing again with my work-mate, Vince, with 2 sets of Everlast mid priced 16 oz gloves. His heart wasn't in it but we boxed about 5 10 minute bouts in my apartment on Summer days that he came over to use my pool. Vince was stocky and at one time was a gym member.
He had a very young uncle - who was about 38 - whom I really wanted to put the gloves on with - but it never happened. The uncle had heard of what became MMA and kept talking about wanting to try it.
I boxed once more - when I lived in Lubbock with "big Mike" who was about 45, a Nam vet and a Wendy's manager. His time off shifts were the same as my job's so we spent time by the pool a lot on weekdays He said that he was more of karate trained guy but he'd box with me in their fenced in patio. His wife was the referee. 5 rounds. It started out playful but became the toughest match that I ever had - no knock-out but a lot of aches later for me.

I moved to Oklahoma City and wanted to find someone to box with. It ended up being a woman - for a while. I have another post on her in another group on this site.

Haven't boxed in almost 35 years now. Moved around,

20 years ago - , bought some Ringside "fun gloves" - 20 oz but never could hook up with a partner.
Tried convincing 2 gay guys at the pool at my apartment complex to try sparring - one was skinny but wore Speedos - the other more chunky, more of a guy whom I would have liked to box with. Nada. I seem to think that i would have more luck boxing with gay guys when I lived there.
At work there were 2 guys - cousins - whom I wanted to box but "you don't **** where you work". One was small and had done some boxing, the other bigger, an ex-Marine going soft.
Gave my gloves to the Salvation Army after 10 years of non-use.

Moved again - worked for a big gay guy and we almost boxed. We both lost our jobs when the company closed. I had bought 2 pair of 20 oz TKO gloves - he was 6'3" and 315 - I am 5'8" and then was 265. He still has his gloves but it never happened - I gave my gloves away in a fit of OCD. It probably would have been a mis-match any way - had we boxed.

I was supposed to try sparring with a taller, more buff 50 year old gay guy - whom I knew thru a coffee shop that we both frequented.. A runner, tanned and he wanted to box in Speedos - but that, too, vanished.

So now at 61 - I am all jazzed up - my friend, Gregg who is 57 - a bit taller than me - wants to start boxing to work out. I bought 2 mis-matched used pairs of gloves (an almost new Century 16 oz pair and a very used 14 oz Ringside pair - like my old fun gloves) on eBay and a new off brand banana yellow 16 oz pair, too.
I know him, trust him and he - me. Think that I finally have a boxing partner again. We both want to lose a bit of weight and have fun.

He's got a good, big backyard but now his wife is against it.

Then I got a gall bladder infection and now may need surgery.
We still intend to glove it up when I get better.

What an odyssey for my boxing cravings!
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Through LinkedIn - ran into Brad a former very insecure, gay, gym-rat whom I had worked with 20 years ago. We both were with a big, conservative company and he had to keep a low profile in his department - legal.
He had been to my apartment once to use the complex's pool with me.
I jokingly had called him "Mr. Muscles" and he wore small black Speedos.
I WANTED to propose sparring with him - but once again - I thought we WORK together. My boxing desire might seem odd to the folks at work. So I didn't.
After hearing from him - I fantasized that we had.
He's bald now but looks about the same....

Update on my former big gay guy boss - to whom I gifted the TKO gloves - - we will never be boxing. In the last 18 mos. he has come down with very serious kidney issues, had almost 30 surgeries and may have Graves disease. Sad for him.
Was hoping that he would have become a "boxing bear" and found other big guys to spar with.

Time went by, he started having some mental issues in 2015 - so I never got the chance to box with Gregg.
Though at Xmas - he reiterated that boxing would be good for both of us!