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Boxing, Masochism And Fun.

The label on the genetic packet did NOT say 'Boxer'. Tall, a bit gangling, never very strong, rather poorly co-ordinated, and lacking much courage - that I developed a boxing fetish is surprising.
But I did. So, how did it start? At school, rather than become - as I probably should have - the library monitor, I joined in the boys' games about dominance and status. I lost at wrestling and boxing and enjoyed it hugely, as my arousal demonstrated. Fighting morphed into fantasy and I was hooked for life.
Joining a boxing club should have cured me of the fantasy as it collided with hard physical training, full contact sparring, and the recognition of my own inadequacies. I really enjoyed the training and loved being fit. I liked, and deliberately fostered amongst my friends, the image of being a tough, courageous boxer grittily pursuing a dream. At best I simply became modestly competent so that I could offer some sort of opposition for my opponents.
In truth the fantasy held me in it's grip and developed extra layers. I soon realised that, whilst the pain was often hard to bear, I liked being hit, enjoyed losing fights, and revelled in the public humiliation which followed a poor performance in the ring. The paraphernalia of boxing was itself a turn-on, the sweaty leather smell of the gloves, the gorgeous satin shorts, and the sexy boxing boots; when I prepared for a bout I felt good.
The bouts were where fantasy met fact, where my dreams became painful reality, and where my public image got trashed as I fought ineptly. One long term girl friend liked watching me get beaten and encouraged me to fight as often as possible, but most girls who came to watch were appalled. My male friends thought it was funny. Standing in the corner dressed in my satin gear I used to feel a mixture of emotions; fear, excitement, arousal and panic. On the bell all that was forgotten as I manoeuvred around the ring and traded punches. It was a whirl of taking repeated jabs to the face, seeing stars as his blows robbed me of my wits, bleeding over my vest and satin shorts, frantically scrambling to my feet after a knock-down, and being trapped in a corner as my opponent belaboured me. The fantasy didn't nearly match the sheer thrill of fighting and losing, and of course the actuality fed the fetish.
After a fight, and not all of them were walk-overs for my opponent because I went the distance 16 times, the arousal and elation faded as the headache and bruising became the dominant sensations. I liked having a battered face because I thought it made me look tough and macho, but not being able to breathe through my swollen nose properly, having my vision impaired by a partially closed black eye, and finding eating through my mashed lips somewhat painful was a bit of a turn-off. Often I stopped training for a time afterwards but I found it impossible to kick the habit and went back to the club.
Now, after years of being a bit embarrassed by my boxing fetish I'm actually rather proud of it. I get dressed in my satin gear to box shadows and punch bags, balls and pads. I work out on the rower, treadmill, stepper, wobble board, Swiss ball, medicine ball and exercise myself into what I hope will be a long old age. Just occasionally I get some sparring and still get aroused and excited by trading punches. Is this good for me?
Willing loser.
(bouts 74 - won 0 - lost 74 [58 inside the distance, 14 by KO])
boxingvictim boxingvictim 61-65, M 7 Responses Nov 12, 2012

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Glad to know other men with same fetish with boxing. Specially like the girlfriends who turns on watching her hubby or BF being beaten by the opponent in a boxing ring, in front of audience. If both men are boxing only with gloves and boots, and low blows are legal... the match can be perfect. Lots of knock downs, screams, ****&balls punching...

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upon watching a knockout i pitch a tent. it is so sexy my former giorl friend loved to watch boxing on tv as we ****** she would come just by watching a Ko she said nothing more exciting than a guy tent alseep to the canvas. she aroused me so much I KO'ed her rubbing her **** which is a KO button like a jaw in boxing mhhh such recollection is so sexy...

<p>Wow! This is the most incredible story I've read on here.</p><p>I have huge respect for you. I exactly the the same fetish, but, beyond a few amateur bouts at college have never really lived out the fantasy in real life. For me, the power of the fetish is how girls react to our performance (less than brilliant) performance in the boxing ring.</p><p>In particular I loved your quote:<br />
<br />
"One long term girl friend liked watching me get beaten and encouraged me to fight as often as possible"<br />
<br />
This sentence is incredibly arousing for me - the idea that a girl would actively enjoy watching her man lose - finding it arousing and desiring him not depite losing, but because he lost!</p><p>I would love to hear more about your experiences and in particular your relationship with this girl. </p><p>While fairly rare, I have found that I surprising number of girl do get turned on by their boyfriend losing a boxing fight and some even specifically seek out such fighters - I would enjoy swapping experiences. </p><p>You are amazing, keep it up!</p>

i would have expected the winning boxer to be attractive for a woman... some of them get so excited when watchin a KO it is so arousing...

Yep - the DESIRE to box stays with us.I still WANT to box but my body is not healing. I have a massive scar across my mid-section and the feeling that a golf-ball sized mass is in my body.I have also had hematomas in my mid-section and have blood clots now - elsewhere.I ended up donating a used pair of gloves to the Salvation Army but kept 2 pairs that I bought on eBay this last Summer before I became so sick and had to have surgery.I have Nike sports shorts that I intended to box with my friend Gregg in - bought a year ago at a Kohl's. I guess this is part of my fetish - to own some gear besides gloves.Back in college - from an "undergear" catalog - I had a pair of white nylon boxing slash swim trunks which were really too small to wear. Turned out this was a gay clothing/sportwear catalog outfit and I did not know it. Definitely NOT something for swimming in. The guys handling dorm mail ribbed me whenever a catalog came in - "it was so gay, hoss...".I used to have a pair of Everlast brand swim trunks (long off the market - from back in the late 70's and cut short) - that I have long since grown out of and pitched. Bought at a WoolCo of all places - that's another chain long gone.It was to have been my boxing outfit though a cup would not fit inside. I boxed a neighbor named Big Mike in them. The fantasy of really getting in a 5 round bout and wearing them - became a reality. No knock-out but the toughest bout of life - he was in his 40's, a Nam vet and managed a Wendy's.In my fits of my now` self-recognized OCD - I look back on the whole backyard/apartment boxing experiences of my younger life.I SHOULD have taken more chances (though never thru sparring with folks` at work) and hooked up with more guys to spar with. I didn't.You readers need to "get your BRAVE on" and try to get straight/gay guys to try sparring.No beat-downs and a safety word should be part of your bouts. Those were my rules.I got turned on by guys in Speedos (seen at my various apt. complex pools) and for some reason WANTED to box with them, but never made the hook-up.No for sex - I am straight but boxing with someone ABLE to wear a Speedo was/is one of my fantasies.There's a fetish guy who lives a few miles away - who has gotten into boxing. Claims that he is gym-trained. Unfortunately he lives in a condo complex about 5 doors away from an old family friend whom I would not want to run into - if I were well enough to spar with him.I can think back on my boxing days but can't DO anything about sparring in the near future.At 62 - I don't want to be a pathetic old guy - growing fatter from the lack of exercise.But it's happening....I REALLY want to heal and be able to do light boxing before I get too old.If you are in my age group - don't give up on boxing unless for health reasons...

very interesting story, you illustrated the fights in thorough detail...which helps the ones who haven't had the opportunity to fight yet the chance to imagine what it would be like. it takes a lot of courage to do what you did, and my story and who i am sort of reflects the story you have depicted, even though most of the things happened only in my dreams for now, hopefully soon i will be able to live the same experiences you have, except for perhaps win more fights than i lose (hopefully)

Wow! What excellent writing skills you have and how beautifully and accurately you describe the sensations of boxing, visual and emotionally. You are indeed a boxing Noel Coward. He would be proud. I would be one of those men who would admire your stand up toe to toe boxing, your boxing lumps and bloodied trunks. What a great picture!
As you know, we need a loser and a winner in a boxing contest, you just offered more service to the profession than most pugilists. We needed your nose to punch, your stomach to punch, your brains to swim, and your boney *** to bleed. You were a boxer's best sparring buddy and opponent. You have learned a great secret in life, that many of us lose in life and it is ok. The Great Buddha would teach you this or you would realize the Zen itself. Thanks for being the loser of the boxing contest, all of us good boxers salute you. We need you as much as we need our good boxing talents. You are the fodder for the cannon. Thanks pug !!!!!!