Now I am a 20-year-old asian guy (university student). For as far as I can remember, I have some special feelings with boxing and fightings between boys. It might have been started since I was around 5-6. Someday I was playing with other neighboring friends, I'm not sure what was the cause, when I was punched to face by an older boy. It did not make me any injuries, no bleeding and no blackeye. But this accident took some feelings of musculinity and natural fighting motive to me. Altough I was actually a boy with shy, polite, and quiet personality, and didn't have any good athletic abilities. I also had the first experience of boxing around that age when I again watched some boy training with heavy bag near my house. His punches with some red and black boxing gloves made me very excited. After that I was always aroused when watching any boxing match in television. I really wanted to put on some boxing gloves. Sometime I imagined that some of my cute friends was throwing his punches with that leather gloves to my face and made me nosebleed and blackeye. But I was too shy to ask my parent for buying a pair of boxing gloves or learning a boxing session. My sweet dream would come true when I'd reached age of puberty that I recieved my own bedroom. I decided to buy a pair of 10 oz. red boxing gloves and hid them from my parent. During my middle school period, I played with that gloves every night. I further bought boxing shorts and vest, head gear, and some mouthpiece later. I needed to disclose my secrets when I was at grade 11. Some of my friends visted my room and told that he really impressed that I have boxing gears to fight others. We therefore took a match of sparring together for fun. Another days I decided to buy a heavy bag and train with it openly with my friends and my cousins. Now I'm a university student and may be someday able to participate a real match :)
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Good for you! Go for it. If it's your passion, then you should pursue it, even just for the cardio workout!

Hey man, your story is a lot like mine. I was a pretty shy student with poor athletic abilities but somehow boxing stuck to me. It's cool that you are in college now. I did join the university boxing club but one of my regrets is that I didn't train there more. So yeah, I agree with others that you should experience it while you can. Anyways, good luck. And if you're ever on the west coast, I'd be down to spar a few rounds ;)

Don't wait to start boxing. Do it now and good luck!!!

welcome! box for your dreams ;)