I am am such a Badge Bunny, I get pulled over all the time for speeding (go figure)... I get soooo excited when the cop comes up to the car & I always take my tickets with a great big smile (I luv being a BAD girl)

Soldiers & Firemen are hottt too!!!! but it is hard to get them to 'pull me over' without committing a serious crime lol!!!

What is a girl to do - when she is in luv with a man in uniform???? (heehee - naughty giggles)
sunshinegirl23 sunshinegirl23
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What happens if the cop is a woman? Is it still a turn on or a disappointment?

Next time in I'm in Texas I'll have to bring my flex cuffs and pull you over ;)

Firemen may not have hand cuffs....but I admire your creativity - you may throw me over your shoulder anytime sexy...xxxxxx

My cousin is a Fireman and about the same size... I could borrow one of his uniforms and come throw YOU over MY shoulder and rescue YOU from sure peril if UR fire alarms should ever go off at the office ;-)