Soft Nappies With Platic Panties

I also have a love of being dressed in pretty frillies.

I am fortunate to have experimented with things with my wife and have had fun in fluffy cloth nappies for a while. Recently I bought some new nappies anf frilly plastic panties. My wife dressed me in the softest nappy I have ever worn!

Normally I am aroused intensely, but this time (wearing plastic pants) I could get no friction at all and felt completely impotent. The feeling was amazing, with no physical stimulation, my wife cuddled me and had completely transformed me into feeling like a helpless little girl.

She giggled at my impotence and mentally I was in heaven

5 Responses Mar 3, 2009

Hi I alway like to wear a nice fluffy terry nappies and frilly lace plastic panties. I just love them to bit and i also love a variety of plastic pants. I have wore them all my life and love them. Love to be your friend and share Bruce.

hi there i also love frilly plastic pants,but my wife dosent know about me wearing them i wouldent know how she would react abuot it , so i only wear them when i can

I am new to this but not new as a AB. I would be to be diapered, spanked and dressed as a little sissy

My wife and I also play sissy baby games. I am the sissy baby and she is the firn and sometimes stern Mistress/Mommy. She has been known to spank me when I am naughty and has been known to dress my in many frilly things as you could tell by looking at some of the photos I have posted in my profile. Good luck to you and your wife and may you find pleasure where ever and when ever you can.

I agree,there are so many ignorant folk out there.I just love wearing frilly pink satin baby dresses,nappies,plastic pants and very frilly pink satin panties.I can only imagine what it must be like to have such an understanding wife.You are so lucky.

I think you have a serious problem there!