Latex Feels Unbelievably Sexy

I attended a fetish night at a local night club and dressed in my black latex cat suit outfit. I had on a latex hood and gloves with knee high shiny back patent boots. I had so many positive comments, mostly from women on how good I looked I almost thought I had signed up for one of these scamming Internet dating sites!
Women were coming up to me and asking if they could run their fingers and hands over my latex covered body. Who was I to say no! OMG
So now there is a new event on the 22nd of Sept. and the theme is red. So I bought a red hood, red skirt and red gloves to go with my black cat suit in latex. I'm wearing the red dress tonight and I can't believe how comfortable it feels plus how sexy I feel. Ok I can't stop thinking... Should I have been born a woman? And if a woman, then I should be hot.
But I digress.
In any case, I love wearing all types of latex clothing and it feels great. Sure, at the club I sweated like crazy but once I was back home, a quick shower and I was back to normal.
It's probably not for every one but it sure is for me.
Have fun my friends.
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1 Response Sep 11, 2012

I wish that there was a club where I could go and have the freedom to wear latex rubber if I so chose. I would love to go to one of those parties were all the guests are dress in latex. I know that I probably could go but there is that little man in the back of my head that says "If you go you will be seen and everyone will know your a freak" So I do go and just wear my rubber at home. I now have latex rubber sheaths that I wear almost all of the time and they are really fun. Get hard and have fun and you don't every have to tell anyone that your memeber is covered in latex. Latex1937