My Total Fetish For Pantyhose/ Tights

My fetish started for pantyhose when i was around 11 or 12 years of age, Even though i have worn my mothers on and off since i was 5 or 6. I just love the feel of wearing nylon underneath my trousers or shorts, Ive never wear any underwear or socks when i have my pantyhose or tights on. I love the feeling of my **** encased in nylon and the way the seam runs up the crack of my arse and the way my toes feel in nylon. Pantyhose feels like a second skin, There is no better feeling than lounging around the house in them or going for a walk on a nice sunny day in my shorts or just laying in my garden sunbathing. Most of my friends and their wifes or partners know i wear pantyhose and have asked what type i prefer to wear and i know for a fact some off them have even worn them themselves. My new partner of three months always used to wear stockings when we went out(she wears trousers for work) until she found out about my fetish and now she wears nude seamless sheer to waist pantyhose as she knows it totally turns me on. She not only wears them when we go out, Its everytime we have when we have bedroom fun as well, Before she started wearing them, She loved me going down on her very wet ***** (yummy) and shes the type of lady who is very oragasmic, She usually has about anywhere between 5 to 8 orgasams before the big one hits and them she licks my face clean. But since shes been wearing pantyhose shes told me how much better it feels when i go down on her, She adores my tongue moving up and down her nylon clad wet ****** and she loves me wearing pantyhose when we ****. When our pantyhosed legs are entwined or when there are sliding up and down each other the feeling is just electric. Just recently we have been fully wearing pantyhose ( top and bottom). Recently she had one day holiday from work and she told me she was just dropping her daughter off at school and we were going for a picnic. So i got showered and got dressed (jeans t shirt and of course pantyhose), After the picnic was sorted she asked me to wear my 3/4 shorts to go out in, I asked her if she knew i had my pantyhose on and she said yes and then went upstairs to get changed herself, She came down wearing a strapless summer flowery midi dress with pantyhose on, I could hardly keep my hands off her but she told me to wait till later. As we set of for the drive she said she wanted to go to a little market town called helmsley which is about 24 miles from were we live and would it bother me walking around in my shorts and pantyhose, I told her it wouldnt bother me in the slightest as ive done it many times before we had met (usually in the park and around town even shopping for pantyhose). We arrived at helmsley, Parked up and went looking around the shops ( mostly gift shops) and visited the castle, She then asked if we could go to the tea rooms as she wanted a drink, Uptil then we had only a few curious glances ( more so at my legs), We ordered our drinks and went to sit at the table, The waitress brought our drinks and couldnt keep her eyes off my legs to my girlfriends amusement, My girlfriend giggled and then asked me didnt it bother me or did i feel uncomfatable wearing pantyhose in public with other people looking or starring at my legs wondering what i was wearing. I told her it was a bit late to be bothered what people thought and no it didnt bother me. She then in a fairly loud voice asked me if i had a ladder in my pantyhose and considering it was only a small tea room everybody in there went quiet and stared over at our table, I couldnt believe she had said that, I stood up looked at my legs and told her there was no ladder in my pantyhose much to her amusement and much to the disbelief of the people in the tea rooms, I sat down and and finished my drink and looked at my girlfriend and we both bust out laughing. When we were finished we both got up to pay the bill and the waitress told me my legs looked fantastic and she thought more men should wear them, We left the tea rooms and set of for the picnic site called sheeps wash near a little village called osmotherly. And in the car we laughed at what she had done in the tea rooms. When we arrived we found a secluded spot near to some trees to have our picnic, We set the blanket out, sat down started eating and she said that i had handled the tea room situation very well. I told her i had no choice but to, and i would get her back for that at a later date. She then laid back and said why not get your own back now and she lifted her dress up above her waist and opened her legs. I wasted no time getting my tongue on her hose clad *****, She had her first orgasam within minutes and then stopped me much to my disapointment .She then sat up and reached for her handbag and pulled another two pair of pantyhose with the crutch cut out and started to get undressed and told me to do the same. When we were both encased i started to eat her wet ***** again and after a few minutes she wanted to get in the 69 position (which is our fave). I was in total heaven encased in pantyhose in my fave position, outside in broad daylite and the added fear of getting caught (what a buzz) My girlfriend loves sucking **** and i love it when im getting sucked through nylon with her sopping wet pantyhosed ***** a inch over my face, We must have been in that position for about 20 minutes with her ******* 4 times all over my face, Her ***** was completley soaking wet and dripping as she laid back down as i started to lick, suck and bite her nipples while she was wanking my hosed **** slowly, After enjoying each other for a few minutes i went back down on her again licking and sucking all her ***** juice off her pantyhose and then tearing a hole in them and making a hole in mine as well. I laid on my back and she lowered herself on to my **** and started ******* me. It didnt take long for me to *** as this was such a big turn on, As i recovered i was playing with her soaking ****** getting her horny again, my **** started to spring back to life again, which it did do when she started to suck me again. My girlfriends fave sex position is doing it doggy style and i started to **** her hard and slapping her arse as this is a big turn on for her and reaching round to squeeze her nipples and to play with her ****. We ****** for about 10 mins until we got in the missionary position and she told me she wanted me to *** in her mouth this time as ive already *** in her ****** (she loves to swallow ***). We laid there for another 25 to 30 minutes kissing and cuddling before we started to get dressed and she had brought new pantyhose for the both of us to change into. On the way home my girlfriend told me she had planned all this two weeks ago and shes got other things planned for the future. Since this happened we have done it on a seaside beach and over the bonnet of my car on the back from a night out. My girlfriend is sat by my side while ive type this and now we are going upstairs for another night of pantyhose passion, Theres one thing for having a fetish and another to have somebody to share it with and having somebody to share it with is the best
pantyhoseman01 pantyhoseman01
46-50, M
Jul 24, 2010