Nylons And Pantyhose

i know that i have a fetish for nylons and pantyhose! ishave my body daily because makes me a better sissybitch.just love the feel of nylons or pantyhose aagainst my shaved body so good! usually wear pantyhose to work under my male pants makes me feel better and just love the feel of the pantyhose when i walk about! love to be fully dressed at home.often wear nylons if going out more sexy and better access to my sissy *****!!1

mandiejune mandiejune
51-55, M
2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

I too have a pantyhose fetish. Nothing like nylon pantyhose is so thrilling. I also get a feminine feeling washing all over me. I loooovvve my nylons and pantyhose!!!<br />
<br />
I even saying and typing nylons and pantyhose!!

i too do a full body shave daily.<br />
once in a week i go for beautician<br />
She shave me more perfectly.<br />
And later she do waxing on my face and legs.<br />
she shave even my private part well. My wife also<br />
accompany me.later wearing panty hose nylone<br />
give me very pasionate feeling.<br />