Yesss I Doooo.

Oh ever since I started wearing pantyhose at my early age of 10.  I just fell in love with pantyhose and nylons.  After trying on my mom's and aunts pantyhose.  That is where my fetish began.  I just love the feel of them on freshly shaven legs.  Mine and others ;).    If it wasn't for my sis who ended up on helping me with my pantyhose fetish and introducing me to cding in a dress up playing type way.  I don't know how things would have turned out.  As she was a big support for me on my fetish. 

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OMGosh, to have such an understanding Sister is unique, and also delightful! Congrats to you SHW.

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Curiousity which turned into a full time fetish after my first pair of hose I ever tried on.

What made you start wearing ? i started early also. im fortunate i can wear 24/7

you have a wonderful sis,she trained you good.Im sure you take care of her on her Birthday amd Xmas.

Love seeing girls with great legs wearing nylons,enjoy seeing the tops of the hose under her skirt,turn on.

Thanx hon.

Oh, I agree! Nylons over shaved legs is such a great feeling! Having someone to share and help is awesome - good for you!<br />
<br />
Shiny black pantyhose are my favs!