How I Grew To Love Pvc Macs And Coats

I didn't start to really think about pvc macs until the tender age of nineteen.

I walked into the Local C&A store way back in the autumn of 1979 just browsing really. What caught my eye in there was a blue transparent rainmac. So I went to look at it and thought that my girlfriend at the time would look good wearing it.

At that time the cost of the coat was about £6 so I bought it.

That evening I saw my girlfriend as we met in the local shopping centre.

She asked what was in the bag I was carrying so in a shop door way I took the blue mac from the bag and showed her it.
Pulling it out and letting it fall open she slowly put it on and fastened it.
It clung to her and I do have to say it looked hot on her.

For our date that evening she wore it most of the time apart from when we went into a resturant. Then she placed it over the back of her chair carefully'
That is the first time I thought about rainmacs other than protection against the rain!

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4 Responses Jul 12, 2010

I also Bought my girlfriend a blue mac and when she wore it wow. I am now in my 60s and still get aroused when wearing my plastic mac yes I go out wearing it it is navy very smooth.

I suppose I was lucky...discovering the thrill of wearing macs at the tender age of six<br />
<br />
My sister ...three years older than me would wear plastic macs and also the gaberdine school mac which eith you loved or loathed<br />
<br />
And when she left school in 1959 what macs were fashionable with the younger set<br />
<br />
Plastic..PVC...even Trenchcoats and yes I would wear these unbeknown too her or anyone else<br />
<br />
And over the years my love of macs and the wearing of is a must.....indoors as well as outdoors

oh yes C&A were great fro plastic macs for both men and women back in the day, shame they no longer exist and even if they did the raincoats would be gone

Oh the days when C & A were selling the plastic macs mmmmmmm I remember ....Hi from Kent