Plastic Fantastic

I was around 10 in the mid 1960s when I first wore a plastic raincoat. It was a wet day on holiday so I was bought a see through black plastic mac.At first it was just a raincoat,but when we got home I found that I enjoyed wearing it and wore it at every opportunity even indoors in the privacy of my bedroom! I outgrew it after a while but a few years ago I bought a long hooded plastic raincoat which I wore a few times before my "nerve" went and I got rid of it. I wish I had the courage to buy another. My interest now is in seeing women wearing both pvc and plastic,and seeing photos of plastic macked women on rainwear sites.I find it very arousing. Before finding this site I thought it was only me that had this interest, but I know now I am not alone.
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3 Responses Aug 9, 2010

Something about a soft transparent smoke gray raincoat, especially on a woman.

...or on me.

Nobody says you have to outgrow it!

I went through many of the early trials and concerns you did in the beginning. Now I just treat plastic clothing as part of everyday clothes. That said my favorite will still always be my wife wearing a see-through plastic baby-doll nightgown.