I Love Rain Ponchos

when i used to go to theme parks like chesington with my mum from a very young age i used to see loads of people wearing rain ponchos and i wanted one so badly but was to embarrest to ask. it took me years to pluck up the courage to walk into a shop and buy one but i finally did and at the age of 14 i have 4 rain ponchos and i ********** on them. its such a satisfying feeling the rubber on my **** is amazing! i bought two blue and green ponchos from tiger for £3 each and two others from poundland and now i get in the shower and spray my self with ice cold water wearing nothing but rain ponchos and my wellies. i also sleep in them just for pleasure but i am to shy to wear one out in public same with wellies, even in the snow i wouldnt have the courage to wear my cheap shoezone green wellies out in public. what im trying to say is I LOVE RAIN PONCHOS AND WELLIES! 
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3 Responses May 24, 2012

I've been doin' that type of thing for years now, and see no end in sight. I even enjoy walkin' in the rain with nylon macs and leggin's on.

And I hope you continue to enjoy your wellies and poncho for many many years to come

I have *********** with rainponchos before.<br />
One time my older brother broke into my bedroom while I was using a poncho for sex. He was a jerk.