Rainwear Afficianado

I have liked plastic rainwear ever since buying a plastic cycle cape for cycling on my paper round on wet evenings and cutting it up to make a pair of pants for myself after outgrowing it.

It has developed from there to a sizeable collection of hooded and belted plastic macs; pants, shirts and a few out of the ordinary items too which I designed for myself and had someone make for me.

My interest has gone from there to learning how to write books and paint their covers on my computer, amounting to ten on the internet so far with number eleven in the process of painting the rear cover before adding the whole book.

The covers can be viewed on www.blackpool-frog.co.uk

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4 Responses Mar 8, 2009

i love the old shiny cotton backed pvc macs that ladies wore in the 60s/70s, love shiny rukka macs and the old type pvc oilskins with hood. i collect vintage pvc macs and would love more of them in any colour and condition. lovely macs.

Have a look at pvc rainwwear.com. They have one or two capes you might like. Also pvc-u-like for walking style capes - if you haven't found them already.

Capes are great. I've some rubber ones & some military ones.

Yes I agree, those plastic cycling capes were great. Soft to touch and very erotic to a developing teenager. They were the start of my plastic fetish too.