Plastic Fantastic

My love of plastic & pvc began when I was 9 or 10 back in the mid 60s. It was a wet day at the seaside on holiday, so I was bought a plastic pakamac.It was a black see-through one as I recall. At first it was just a raincoat,but when we were home I began wearing it regularly particularly in my room. The feel of the plastic was good. I was too young to understand my feelings at first,but didnt want my parents to know I enjoyed wearing it. They would think I was a 'strange boy'! A girl I knew at the time often saw me in my mac when we played together at her house thought I was 'strange' when I told her about my love of plastic. She said I was 'shook' then gave me a good,hard shake whilst I was wearing it! I outgrew my mac after a while but my interest in plastic, and pvc remained. A few years ago I bought a new plastic mac. It was long and had a hood, black and semi transparent. When I first touched it I got my old feelings back. There was an immediate h..d on. When I got home and put it on, I began to m........e wildly! Fortunately no one was around.!  I love to see women wearing pvc and plastic. Womens plastic raincoats,and clothing in general, is wonderful. Its good to look at but I would't wear it.

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