My First Time

i remember well my first time i was 12 years old and walking home from school with a boy who lived next door it was raining and we got very wet

i used to go to his house because my parents worked a bit later and his 16 year old sister looked after us.

When we got there we where wet through his sister told us to get out of our wet things and put on something dry,he did and i went to the bathroom and dried myself off, mark handed me some clothes and i handed him the wet geat to place in the drier.

to my horror they did not fit i was bigger than him, the jocks fitted just but not the pants or shirt Lanet Morgan his sister asked what i was doing and i explained. Lanet said i will find you something to fit and off she went. she knocked on the door and handed me a pink dressing gown.( I cannot wear that i said it is a girls ) running out of ideas she told me to wait a minute and off she went.

She came back with a semi see through Grey Pakamac and handed it to me it was a male coat so i put it on when i left the bathroom she grabbed me and did all the buttons up and got very close to me i could feel the plastic and smell her i dont know what happened but the plastic a female ensisiting the buttons where all done up and rubbing agaianst me she them straightened the collar stood back and took a really good look at me a nd said

WOW that is great with the plastic warming up her comment etc THAT WAS IT.


We met often after that and i never knew why till later      

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4 Responses Feb 23, 2010

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<p>I keep returning to this story as it is so beautiful and inspiring. I love rubber macs as well as plastic macs. I am in love with a man who regularly wears his SBR black rubber mac whilst walking around in Birmingham. His rubber mac is so beautiful and exciting and the smell of his rubber mac is out of this world. I think he knows how much I love his rubber mac and we have nearly spoken on more than one occasion. I do so want to tell him that I regularly wear plastic macs and I really want us to become waterproof lovers. I shall be no doubt writing more. Rainwear passion is so totally consuming as so many people have found.</P><br />
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<p>A really lovely story. I love male plastic Pakamacs too. I was lucky enough to go to a school where nearly every boy wore one, and I just couldn't wait to get into the boy's cloakroom on wet days. I would feel these plastic macs, smell them and even kiss them before wearing them, one after the other. I would even blow them up like air mattresses. They started a life-long interest and love of rainwear, with plastic Pakamacs at the very heart of my fetish. In fact, I am wearing a plastic mac, while writing these words, and I am very, very excited. My plastic mac is a semi-transparent, baby pant type material, fastening on the male side.<br />
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I hope we can share more, and perhaps meet some time. Plastic macs are so wonderful!!</P>


it is believe me