Peeveesee And Me

I've had a PVC fetish since high school days 78 to 83, some of the girls wore these seethru plastic macs which I found irresistable but I didn't know why. When I finally bought one ( I was only 12 or 13 ) I used to enjoy wearing just this mac and nothing else ( a lovely seethru pink one ) which I would caress and hold against myself.
Well 30 years later I still wear plastic macs in the bedroom and I have a very accomodating wife with whom I dress for pleasure during sex. Infact I now find it difficult to have sex unless pvc is involved with either myself or my wife wearing it. I just love the feel of it against my skin and the smell when it gets hot and sweaty inside. Anyone else ?.
peeveesee peeveesee
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You are not alone and will find yourself like me to have a wife that enjoy's your fetish as well.

Oh yeah, you'll find a lot of us on ep. Check around....