I Like Wearing Short Shorts Too!

I have had a shorts fetish since childhood. It's actually quite refreshing to see other people also do! For a long time I thought I was just really weird.
My fetish is with shorts in general but particularly denim cut-off short shorts. Wearing them was the biggest turn on but I would only ever do it in private. I would buy jeans and cut them down and loved to get off  over pictures of women in short shorts. I also developed a wet and messy fetish and love to wear shorts and get wet, muddy or covered in food.
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5 Responses May 24, 2010

Cut-offs are great, and a good way to 'recycle' old pants, especially those that have got a bit tight.

Why use the shorts only in private? Cut off may not be the current fashion but they are the best way to use old pants and even newer ones sometimes.<br />
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I got in trouble once for cuting off some jeans but I only cut off more untill the only pants I had were shorts.

I loved and I still love to wear levis' cords cut-offs without underwear. I get so hot I have to shoot my load in them.

I remember as a teen cutting off lots of levi jeans. I had every lenght from mid thigh to right beloe the cheek. In America it also became a style to either cut a notch on the outside of the bottom of the short, or to cut a slit up the side. I had sooooooooooo much fun cutting shorts, fraying them and wearing them outside. We used to soak denim shorts in hot water and put them on wet so they would shrink and be a tight as possible. Great memories. I still wear short cutoffs.

As a kid, I also used to think I was the only one who got so excited in shorts (which were always very short at the time). But my P.E. classes allowed me to observe behavior in the other kids that showed that they too felt something when in shorts.<br />
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This was elementary school, so thoughts of sex with another person were not dominant in our minds. It had to be the shorts. Seeing kids adjust their shorts constantly or pull them up a little higher at every opportunity reassured me that short shorts have a special power on the wearer. Some kids didn't seem to realize we could see them obsessing over their shorts. I would try to be discrete, but I'm sure I fooled nobody. Sometimes in team sports I would miss a play because I'd be busy staring at my own shorts...<br />
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Today I'm comfortable with my inclination and run in skimpy running shorts regularly.<br />
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How was it in P.E. class for you and your classmates, if you got to wear short enough shorts?