Looking Up Somebody's Shorts

Is there something more thrilling than to come across a guy sitting in the bus wearing short shorts and who knows or ( doesn't know purposely) that his family jewels could be visible through his shorts. It happened to me once and I became really horny. Happily or unhappily, the young lad didn't realize that I was checking him out and I can now only imagine his reactions if he had caught me looking or trying to have a glance at his hot shorts. Incensed, he could have moved away with a disapproving and a threathening look, or more willing and friendly, could have connived in moving in a position that would have given me a better view of his thighs and... privates. I was indulging in this mania or craze as undergraduate inthe 70's. I was really delighted when I could watch, especially male students, in short shorts, at the library or in the bus, lifting or spreading their legs, or seated in a way that I could see more than their smoothy and hairless thighs. I thing that I had at that time a fetish for the male knees, and later for the female knees. It was for me the erogenous zone by excellence. Anyway, I was myself also very keen then on wearing some denim or corduroy shorts to go out, very often in commando, to show off my bulge and other stuff and to be in a position to let boys and girls look up my shorts and to have a  glance at my privates, if they were lucky enough. I enjoy since looking and having someone look up my shorts. If by chance... That's great! Anyone else? Please share your experiences.
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3 Responses Aug 23, 2010

I don't wear underwear and I haven't since pre school. I've gotten use to people seeing up my shorts when I sit. some laugh and others think I come from a weird family.

I was waiting to board the train home from work one summer evening, A younger man stepped in front of me, and Oh, joy! he was wearing some very tight, very short jean shorts. I tried not to stare too much at his shapely bum, and the slender bare legs with those little shreds of cut-off cotton dangling against them.<br />
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The train was very crowded as we got on, and he seemed to have disappearedin another direction as I took my seat. Well, he must have had to turn back and come back in my direction, and wow, he took a seat near to me. Not only that, but his seat was at right angles to mine, so I had a full view of him. I thought those shorts were really tight, but they couldn't have been that tight because as he made to sit down with his thighs slightly splayed, I saw his big bulge wobble as he moved. When he landed, his thighs were slightly apart, and I could catch a glimpse quite easily of his lovely shapely knees, a pair of strong-looking but slender thighs, and, between thehm, I could clearly see his gulging ****, and some enticing little gaps between the legs of his shorts and his thighs. I couldn't believe my luck - what a treat! I couldn't definitely see any underwear showing up his shorts legs, and thought maybe he was going commando - well, that might explain the wobbling ****. I felt a definite rumble between my own legs, and started to feel my **** pressing against my jeans. Who knows, I might even see a glash of bare **** before lon!<br />
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As a habitual commuter, I often doze a bit on the train, but am awake enough to have my eyes registering what's going on, and I always wake up when I get to my station. So it was that I rode along with eyes half-closed , watching those lovely bare knees and thighs. How I managed not to reach out and stroke them I don't know. I'd only have to stretch my hand slightly and I could have touched them - what a thought! I was dreaming about the way I'd stroke his legs and work my way up slowly to the openings in his shorts and slide my hands inside them. Occasionally, I saw him draw his knees together and then splay them apart again, which just fed my fantasy even more. Hmmmm, would he like it if I squeezed his **** while kissing and licking his thighs up to the top? <br />
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This pleasant little reverie came to an abrupt end when I got to my station and had to wake up! I jumped off the train, but Lover Boy stayed on - shucks!<br />
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As I made my way in the crowd up to the street, I realised my **** was rubbing hard against my jeans - well, I couldn't exactly tuck it in in public, could I? My jeans were too tight to let it go fully erect, so I glanced down to see it sticking out front prominently. A guy in the street suddenly caught sight of it and gasped loudly. I was thoroughly enjoying all this, and walked on regardless to catch my bus. The top deck was deserted, so I had great fun squeezing my bulge and fondling my legs all the way home.At least I walked the last bit with a normal-looking erection!<br />
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The power of those short shorts kept me going all night ....... Write your own post-sc<x>ript.

dirty old bugger<br />
aren't we? !!!