My Male Thigh And Knee Fetish

I have a strong male thigh and knee fetish. This must be a minority sport, because I can find almost nothing about others enjoying male thighs and knees on the net or anywhere else. Strange enough, when muscular and well shaped thighs and knees are the most beautiful part of the anatomy of a man. I always enjoyed wearing short shorts first as a student, then as a scout and a college student. And yet, still in my fifties, I am still wearing shorts well above the knee, shorts that emphasize the knees and the most part of the thighs. I claim that this male thighs and knees fetish is a very well kept secret and lot of people are into it really.
Exposing my thighs and knees is probably the main reason I find shorts so good and so smart to wear, for my pleasure and for flaunting them in public. When I want to relax, I put on my short shorts and enyoy the bare thighs and the knees I am exposing. This often starts an erection and I may stand up for a while ******* off while I bend my knees and rub them together. When I am seated, I will often fondle my bare knees and slide my hands between my thighs to the growing bulge in my shorts. I came to realize that fondling my thighs and knees is like growing two extra sexual organs,and it's delightful! The moment of creaming in my shorts usually follows these knee and thigh caesses.
In public, I'll often walk so that my thighs and knees slightly bent show up prominently. My shorts are mainly very short ones. or if not, I pull them way up, until they are and let my **** do what it likes. You can come across me some day sitting in the park, erection obvious between my bare legs and creamy thighs and my hands busy fiddling with my knees and stroking my thighs.
I've met some other short pants fetishists in my life and great fun it was, but I haven't really met anyone who is really male thigh and knee-conscious. I would like to be with someone who knows what I mean. I could ask him to fondle my thighs and knees and  it would be wonderful if some one could appreciate having his thighs and knees licked, kissed, felt, humped... whatever feels right at the time.
Well, today promises to be a summery sort of day, I shall be off in my short shorts in search a bare- kneed man. Everybody with this male thigh and knee obsession is very welcome to get in touch.

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Update: I was very excited to find this story, but it seems the author has gone from EP.

Since my teens I've enjoyed getting those horrible long trousers off and getting into some short shorts, the shorter the better, speedos included. I love exposing my knees and thighs in the way this writer described, and I love to ********** while rubbing my thighs together, fondling my knees and bending my knees up so that I can lick and kiss them. I've tried to introduce partners to the delights of knee and thigh fondling and playing in short shorts, but they don't get it. I've got the same kind of thing as this author where erotic stroking of the knees and thighs is like having a couple of extra sex organs. At one time I had a genuine knee fetish web page, but I haven't got it any more - I've got all the material for it though. When I say genuine, I mean it was not a joke page or something about over-the-knee punishment or similar. It was for people who just love knees! There was a Ning group called Kneez, but Ning decided to nuke anything adult, so that's the end of that.

Always happy to hook up with other knee fetishists and guys into shorts.

Your story was so hot and I could have wrote the same story myself. At this moment, I have a huge ***** in my navy corduroy shorts (almost same kind I had as a scout when I was a teenager). I wish you were there with me to rub my ***** through my corduroy shorts. I am on the edge of creaming my corduroy shorts.

It´s real bad that the boys don´t wear short shorts today.I think nothing is more sexy, then naked, slender, smooth thighs and bony knees of a slim boy.I would love to see boy thigh,nude up to the buttock and i love to see boy knees, especial when they are bony.I hope that the boys show their thighs again, like in the 60 and 70.

Since my last blog I have been out in public dressed like my profile pic. There is a disused railway line I sometimes walk. A woman smiled but said nothing. I was tempted to ask her " I bet you're wondering why I'm dressed like this" but I bottled it. I'm tempted to do it again, only this time I'd like to walk past a group of schoolgirls and test their reaction. I would try not to look like I'm perving,that's not my style. But I would love one of them to give my thighs a good slapping.

I get so hot when I see a cute boy with naked thighs and knees who wears corduroy shorts.

I am with Geltenfloor on this. I love women's legs, but especially their knees. I also have a thing for my legs too. I also like to have them fondled, licked, kissed, etc especially my knees. The toughest thing for me is my wife doesn't fondle them enough and she has only sucked my thigh once when we we play fighting. I wish I could get her into this more. Is there a website anyone has up? I'll post some of my leg and knee pics there. If not I can also email them too!

Hi lafrance<br />
I can relate to your fetish re male thighs, knees & short,short trousers. I felt exactly the same when I read the first paragraph. I saw people who don't say anything but show what I would describe as a disapproving look when I walked out in public in school short trousers. What were they thinking I don't know but I felt uncomfortable and self-conscious. I feel that I'd better wear my schoolie uniform privately in my own home in future. I wish I could be like you and not feel ashamed of my legs. I fantasize the thought of some man stroking my thighs and knees.

Since the 70s I've worn shorts shorter than is usual for guys, enjoying the freedom as well as people noticing. Never any bad reaction. I also like seeing other guys in shorts, the shorter the better. Size isn't as important as the legs being lean and nicely-defined. The area where the thigh muscles come down to the knee looks great on athletes. Young guys are usually the best, but I've also seen some lean 50-something runners who are in great shape.

Hi Lafrance<br />
Your fetish for knees and thighs is very interesting. I wear kilts a lot and dont mind flashing a bit of thigh and of course every time I sit my knees are on show. Ladies seem to like a man in a kilt and particularly his legs so I suppose that would probably be of interest to you too. I have some picture examples of this and my avatar pic is one.

You're not alone lafrance with this, for me its female knees when they squat or hunker down it gives me a soft **** just seeing that in say a supermarket when they're looking at items below etc. There is a science to squatting down I like the way their thighs look when essentially the whole body weight rests and her leg muscles and tendons are nice and tensed. Personally I like my sexy legs and knees too maybe ill send you some pics of my legs and my knees. Good to see it isn't just me either I am sure a lot of people have fetishes they can't talk about :-).

i love to smell a young guys knee knees and listen to echos it makes me *** in my shorts

freedomlover may want to try IMGSRC.RU as a good place to post you knee fetish photos. I have found many kewl short shorts ang leg postings there.

I totally agree with the above comments. I have always had a thing about short trousers from about the age of 11 onwards. I am comfortable in shorts of all lengths. Though I am happiest in very short denim shorts. I freely admit to wearing hot pants. These are well cut ideal shorts if you are discriminating. Also they are freely available. E.Bay is a excellent place if you want to be discreet and pick up a few bargains.

I had the site hosted with one of the free hosting providers, but they suddenly threw me off without so much as a by your leave, and at the time I didn't want to do all the work needed to keep a site going only for that to happen again. I haven't yet found anywhere else where I would be happy to set it up again. The site was certainly adult in nature, but it wasn't outright ****, and didn't even have its own images or videos. It wasn't only knee fetish stuff - there isn't enough of that to make more than a page, but it also had shorts, kilts, lingerie, and a lot more. Links and news stories mainly.<br />
<br />
So if anyone knows of a decent hosting provider that wouldn't ob<x>ject to mild fetish stuff, I'd be delighted to know!