How Long? It Depends...

I've just voted in the poll about my preferred length of shorts. To be honest, it depends on the circumstances. I wear shorts to be transported back to boyhood, so often I wear school uniform with short trousers for school role play sessions. Then, I like my shorts to be fairly short - no longer than fingertip length and ideally a little shorter - so there is some bare thigh for my "Headmaster" to slap should he feel it necessary. However, if they are too short, they don't look authentic. However, if I am out on my cycle or walking in the countryside, I prefer to wear gym or denim shorts which are as short as possible - at least knuckle length and sometimes a little shorter. I love to feel fresh air on my bare thighs right up to the top and walking through dense foliage when your legs are bare right up to the top is really thrilling.
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i had some really short trousers that i wore during my 1st year in high school, i got teased a lot but carried on wearing them.

How short were they? When and where was this? Were other boys in your year in long trousers?

I was the only boy in short trousers which were made by my mother and had no legs, i attended a high school near Manchester in England.

Your use of the phrase 'high school' made me assume you weren't in the UK. So that was in the late 70s? That was the time when boys' shorts were at their shortest (a golden age for some!) but if they had virtually no inside leg, they would ave looked odd, even then. Did they provide any temptation for teachers to slap your legs? We often got our legs slapped in the early years of secondary school, when we had to wear shorts, but they were nowhere near as brief as yours.

it was in the UK late 70's ,your right in them days they were known as secondary schools, the leg was at the most 3 inches , i was teased a bit about the length and sometimes my underpants would be showing a little at the back.
I Never got my legs slapped but did get the cane and slipper ,prefects did on a couple of occasions give me lines for uniform issues.

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I like wearing cut off jeans that are too small and cut too short. When I am on my bicycle or hiking in the woods I roll them all the way up.

Mirky, I am the same way - I wear Delia's denim jeans right now - had them super-shortened - the same enjoyment

I don't think any of us wear short shorts because we just like the fashion ... !!! it goes much deeper than that. I've always liked to wear them short and tight, they just give me pleasure ... and what's wrong with that ?

Quite right - I enjoy the look and feel of it when I'm wearing shorts, but it is also the powerful memories of boyhood that they evoke which are important.

I didn't wear shorts as a schoolboy but became fascinated by them starting in my mid to late teens, especially running and p.e. style shorts, so I've always tried to wear short shorts. I have some walk shorts and cut offs in the 4 to 6 in. range (and some longer), but I enjoy wearing shorts with an inseam closer to 2 inches. During the summer, I wear very short shorts as much as possible.