Black Shiny Nylon Short Shorts

Back in the late 80s girls wore the little short nylon shorts and I did too. One night I wore a pair of skimpy black nylon short shorts on a drive out in the country and I was about 15 miles from town when my car broke down. I saw a mobile home with lights on inside and went to ask if I could use their phone to call a towing company. A girl about 16 answered the door without opening it but did turn on the outside light and could see me in my little shorts and she just smiled. I gave her the number from my AAA card and she called for me. As I was leaving I turned to look back and she and another girl were looking out the window. The tow truck arrived about an hour later and the driver kept staring at my legs while looking under the hood of my car. Finally he hooked up my car and towed it back to the dealership in town where I lived and left it there. He asked if I would like a ride home but I said I could not pay him as I did not have any money with me. He reached over and touched my leg and said we will work something out. He drove me to my apartment where I invited him inside and he kept rubbing my *** in those skimpy shorts as we walked in. Once inside I got on my knees and sucked his **** as I know that is what he wanted. After he came in my mouth he pulled up his pants and left and I never saw him again.
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Nice story. Not only you and girls wore short nylon shorts in the 80s. I did too, and I still do when possible. On a young guy or girl, they are about the sexiest thing you can wear. On a more mature person, they can still be pretty hot if the person is in decent shape.