Young Love

When I was a young man of nineteen I had a friend who was a girl the age of sixteen. Her name was Tara. Over the span of two months hanging out we fell in love so much so I thought we would always be together. We spent that summer drinking Budweiser nips ,smoking weed and making love everynight. When we met Tara had short brown hair and I asked her to grow it long and she happily agreed. Soon it was at that awkward stage long just past her shoulder but shorter on the top and sides about to her chin. One night late in my parents house I worked up the courage to ask her if I could cut her hair even to a chin length bob. When she told me yes my body reacted the way any aroused male in love would. As I put the towel around her neck I could feel myself getting hard like never before. Then I picked up a pair of Friskar scissors and a comb and went to work on cutting Taras hair even . I can still remember cutting a good five inches of hair to accomplish this. The first cut into her brown locks the snap of the scissors and the drips from my member. Never of all the times before did this happen. She sat in the chair a littler frightened I would cut it bad and uneven but she trusted and loved me. Little did she know I was about to erupt where I stood . After a few more snips I was finished she look in the mirror and seemed quite happy with her new look. Thank you babe it looks good . We shared a short kiss, that's when I told her how aroused I was from cutting her hair. I told her I had to have her right then right now. She agreed even though my parents were upstairs in their bedroom. It was some of the greatest sex I ever had. Then and there I had never felt so loved. This was my first fetish experience hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
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I love cutting woman's hair. I love to cut layers so I have talked my g/f's into a layered look. I first get us both nude. Since there is no one around when I cut their hair there are no worries of us being seen. I am in heaven if she smokes. I ask her to smoke for me. They love it as they see my **** getting harder and harder with each snip or drag. There is always pre *** at the edge of my ****. This turns on the girl in the chair. I try to get the longer pieces to land on my **** just to give me more pleasure. When I am done, layers are every where and there is plenty of hair on the floor. I scoop it up placing it in a bag so I can relive the moment over and over again. After the cutting and the pre ***, the real squirting starts.....

Yeah I've been given the nickname Mr. Soggy Pants recently. I guess it hits us both pretty hard brother . Sorry so late on this reply as I've never noticed it

Nice story Buddy. Never had the opportunity to cut that much hair, just the occasional trim here and there. Was the girl scared by your fetish or accepting? Have you found any other willing volunteers since? I'm hugely lucky - my wife enjoys cutting her hair short, knowing the effect it will have on me and what she'll get as a result !!

Must be my story that has you frisky today. Hope your wife is ready for you.

Wow......that is an awesome story. Were you hands shaking as you stood behind her with her hair hanging there and a pair of scissors in your hands........knowing you were about to cut her hair?? I think I would have passed out at that age getting to cut off that much hair. It was much later in my life with my wonderful wife that I was able to cut off that much of her hair and what a rush that was. I still remember it....holding her hair between my fingers and watching the scissors cut through it...........soooo awesome!! Did she let you do things with her hair after that since you told her you had a hair fetish and i'm sure she saw how much you enjoyed doing that?

I'm glad you enjoyed it Luvhair. Told that one from the heart. And yes for the three years we dated I continued trimming her hair and even dyed her blonde a few times. Twenty years have passed but every so often I think of her and that day. The day that brought me here to you fine people.