Always Loved Short Haired Women

As far as I can remember my favorite feature on a girl was if she had short hair. As I got older I got more into the actually cutting part. Something about a girl have long hair and getting it cut short really turns me on. I've always wanted to cut a girls hair, but never have gotten the experience and I fear I never will get the experience because of being in a smaller town. The closest I've gotten is with my previous ex who found out about my fetish. I was paranoid that she was gonna break up with me on the spot. She didn't but she thought it was the weirdest thing. When was first started dating she had really long red curly hair to about the middle of her back. I loved to run my hands through it, but I would have loved to rub my hands through a bob cut with a buzzed nape even more. Eventually she did get it cut to a little longer than her shoulders. I was never fully satisfied with that cut. I love exposed necks on girls, but she would never go that short. After a few years we grew apart and now I start my search for a girl who at least understands the fetish or is willing to have short hair.
haircuttinglover haircuttinglover
22-25, M
Jul 30, 2012