I Cut My Aunt's Hair Part-2

SO when we finished with our little ice cream eating contest i got into my room, very excited... Cause i know my aunt keeps her word and don't back out on her word!! so basically i knew that she was going to come to my room no matter what The question was When?? it was 11 pm already and she hadn't came yet.. so i was waiting patiently.. reading some boring book to hide my excitement...
Just when i was about to give up on waiting and go to sleep I heard a knock on the door i excitedly open the door thinking that it was my aunt but it was just my mom... She was checking on me seeing if i was asleep or not... So i got an idea and just asked her if everyone was asleep.. and was i the only one besides her whose awake this late.. She said YES.. and there i was standing and looking at my mom asking her if she was sure... She said yes and why was i asking this to here repeatedly?? I said Good night to her and closed and locked the door from the inside as i knew that no one was going to show up now...
I was sitting there on my bed in disappointment and i heard someone was trying to open the door so i looked at the clock it was 12:30am.. i was surprised as i recalled moms words saying everyone is asleep!! I unlocked the door from the inside and opened the door!! And what i saw was an amazing site My Aunt was standing there in the night dress with a huge Bun on her head and i was stunned and turned on at the same time!! But again i thought that she is my aunt man come on behave yourself and i welcomed her inside.. She came inside and sat on my bed.. I again locked the door from the inside.. and came and sat next to her looking at her with my mouth wide open... She laughed and asked me that why my mouth was wide open... I told her that she was looking beautiful....
She then asked me what i wanted to do with her hair Now.. I started talking to her first i told her That i don't have only fetish for long and thick, smooth hair but i also have fetish for cutting the smooth and silky hair... She was amazed By this sentence.. But after a while she asked me so what do you plan to do with my hair?? Do you want to cut it at this hour.. I said If you are willing to cut it I have all the time in the world now.. She said she didn't have any problem as far as cut it till back Not an inch above that.. I said OK excitedly... I was surprised enough that she gave me permission to play with her hair but now this Ohh i cant tell how much i love my aunt... Then i Used a little trick on her i said i cut hair wet so can i wash your hair first?? (Now i have my own bathroom in my room) She said OK and she didn't had any problem with washing her hair.... I took her to my bathroom i had shampoo and conditioner both in my bathroom.. I told her to take a sit and then i opned that beautiful, sexy bun and her hair fall on the ground.. AND it was a damn gud sight for any of us if You guys can imagine it...
i washed her hair completely.. first rinsed it and then used shampoo on that thick hair.. i had to use a lot of shampoo on that thick and awsome hair.. while i was conditioning her hair WE talked about her sexy hair.. i asked her that when did she had her haircut last time?? and she told me that she only had a trim to the ends for last 5 years... she hadn't had a major cut in 5 years and i was very happy and eager to give her a haircut!!
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update pleasee

what you didnt write about the cut yet man ok so when does the next part come out?

today i guess after sometime!!

There is more I suppose..! :) Where are you from? And what colour was/is your aunts hair??

My aunts hair's colour is lyt brownish!!

Just the thought of that big bun is a turn on for me

same here.. man that feels awsome!!