I Cut My Aunt's Hair Part - 3

After washing her hair and conditioning it I took her out of the bathroom. Told her to sit on the chair and bought my hair dryer to dry her hair completely as i love to cut it dry!! The sight of dry pieces of hair falling on the ground after cutting it.. is awesome!! I took a news paper and spread it on the ground to collect the fallen pieces of her hair i just cut... I again told her to take a sit on the chair she sat!! Then i dried her hair with my dryer!! Now i had her with her smooth hair just shampooed and herself as she was willing to give her hair to me!! I had a my mother's hairdressing kit as she used to cut hair when she was a little young! She enjoyed it to!! And i guess i was carrying her habit along!! Now i had a scissor in my right hand and a comb very thin comb in my left hand!! I asked her if she was ready?? she said yes immediately as she was not able to hold her excitement inside her anymore.. I started combing her hair neatly As i touched that hair with comb i was in heaven again i was feeling like my life long dream was finally going to come true!! I combed her hair again and again And i didn't feel like stopping the comb... After 15 min. of combing i started to part her hair perfectly!! It was 2:30 in the middle of a night and i was going to cut my aunt's hair.... My heart was beating very fast As i took the scissors in my hand again!! I took a strand of her hair combed it again and took that strand in my 2 fingers and placed the strand in the middle of the scissors.. And SNIP SNIP SNIP... I heard that BEAUTIFUL sound of scissors cutting the hair!! And i was flattered i saw that enormous amount of hair on the floor and i felt like i missed a few heartbeats or something!! it was a beautiful sight and i was very very happy at that moment!! Then again i took remaining hair on her head made a ponytail till desired length.. And again i inserted the whole scissors in her ponytail and started cutting the whole ponytail as i wanted to keep that enormous amount of her hair To myself until i die!! Her hair was soooo thick that it took almost 10 min. to cut her ponytail off... After cutting that huge ponytail till her back i had her ponytail in my hand And i showed her the ponytail.. She was stunned after watching her huge ponytail cut off.. Almost wetting her pants inside her night dress because of excitement she was sitting on the chair with a huge surprise on her face!! I then started styling her thick hair!! first i took out a little weight from that hair!! Then i styled it in layers and my aunt was looking ******* sexy!! after all that Awesome experience i started smelling her hair gently i told her to get on the bed as in it would be comfortable on the bed to sit.. she came to bed and lied there i lied in front of her and i was smelling and playing with her hair till my heart and myself couldn't take anymore excitement and i told her that she can go to her room and can take a little nap now!! She was leaving my room When i stopped her and asked her That Why did she let me do this to her hair even when she had no idea that if can style hair or not?? and HER Answer stunned and surprised me!! HER answer was " I ALSO HAD HAIR FETISH WHEN I WAS ABOUT YOUR AGE... AND NOT ONLY HAIR FETISH I EVEN HAD A THING FOR CUTTING HAIR!!" And i was shocked and it was making sense that why should have she given her hair to me and all!! I can not forget that night and that little adventure of mine... Thank you..
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Really good is there going to be another or something like it?

i dont know!! lets wait and watch!!

Great story - luv the ponytail cutting bit the best !

Thank you!!