Celebrity Haircut Fantasy

I have this ridiculous fantasy...

Wherein I am standing at the stage door of Seminar...and after all the crazies have gone and Alan Rickman has signed everyone's playbill, he turns and asks me if there was any particular reason I was still standing there, as he's already signed my playbill.

And I reach into my purse and pull out a pair of shears, and just hold them as we share this silent look of understanding. I reach up behind my head and undo my hair sticks letting my long blonde hair tumble down from its neatly tightened bun. My long thick blonde hair tumbles down and I shake my head, letting it fall over my shoulders, my breasts, well down my back, gracing my buttocks.

And he stands there, staring for a moment, makes a gesture with his hand and I turn around in a circle, letting him see it all. And then I turn to face him once more and he takes the scissors from my hands...
willcutforyou willcutforyou
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1 Response Dec 17, 2012

Like the imagery..Try my stories..

Thank you. I have a bit more to this little 'story' I guess you could call it. Just not really sure that I wanted to post it here.