Godiva's Trim

I glanced up and that's when I saw her. The first thing I noticed was her golden brown hair gathered over her shoulder as we'd agreed, a red ribbon tied just below her chin. I smiled then. Her description of her hair had been mousy brown, thick, unruly and far too long. What I saw was a mass of beautiful wavy hair tumbling down to well blow her waist. As she passed me she looked anxious, chewing her bottom lip as she scanned the cafe before sitting at a table alone.
I watched her for several minutes, then at two pm I walked over and sat opposite her. "Do you mind if I join you?" I asked. She glanced around quickly before answering, "Actually, I'm waiting for someone" I smiled at her  "I know, Godiva, I'm Hank ...Hank Shearer. your 2pm "appointment"
I smiled, . "Oh  right," yes of course ...so ..eh... she laughed nervously, playing with a long ringlet of her hair. I imagined taking a pair of scissors, snipping it off quickly and seeing her reaction as she held the severed lock. "sorry I'm a bit ....well... when I'm nervous I tend to ...stumble over my ....."
"Words" I answered for her. She was much prettier than  she had described but then I found anyone with as much long thick hair as hers beautiful "So you sure you want to do this? I asked. "Yes!" she said almost too quickly. "OK, You know you didn't describe your hair very well" I said trying to look disappointed. "Oh really, sorry , you don't like it, then? 
"like it? ...no, I don't like it..." Her face fell. "I love it, it's so beautiful". She blushed then."Look, can we maybe just.... you know ... get on with this, I'm so close to just running away I really just want to get it over with. "
"hey, don't panic... I want you to enjoy this too, but if you're thinking of chickening out, that's fine"I answered trying to reassure her. "No, no. I really just need you to do it!"
It? I asked,"I want to hear you say what you want me to do".
She took a deep breath. "Ok, I ...eh...well... I want you to ...." another breath  "to....cut off all my hair!" She almost gasped as she realised what she'd said.
I felt a stirring in my loins as I heard the words. "There, that wasn't so bad now was it? Ok, let's go and give you that little trim huh?"We left the cafe and walked the short distance to the hotel. "Look, you know you can pull out any time... yes. You have your phone, you feel safe?" She nodded. "OK lets do it".
I had already set up the room- a chair in the centre of the room , beneath it a white sheet spread out on  the floor, the mirror covered by a towel. On the dressing table I had laid out the brush and comb and beside it my favourite 8 inch bladed scissors. the edges newly sharpened. "Oh my..." she muttered under her breath. "You ok?" I asked. "Yes it's just well ...oh my" I guided her to the chair. "Here have a seat".  She sat  looking tense. "Look are you really sure about all this, because once I start you will be loosing a lot of that beautiful hair of yours". She instinctively reached for her hair. Slowly she pulled the ribbon from her golden brown locks and tossed her hair back over her shoulders. "Here, its all yours" she said. I picked up the brush and began to work it through the long wavy mass of her hair, enjoying watching the light shimmer across it as it bounced free of the brush.I could see her visibly relax with each stroke of the brush. I ran my fingers through it, burying them deep in its softness and gathering huge fistfuls of her hair. She let out a low moan " pull it!" she said."Pull my hair" I tugged the fistful back hard. she squealed in pain. "harder!" she gasped out. Grasping the thick mass of hair tightly  I yanked again. This time her moan was almost a purr. "Hmm, you like that huh?" I said, amazed at the change in her, from timid mouse to purring cat at the stroke of a brush. "Mmmm... now....start cutting" she moaned. I grabbed the cape and threw it round her. "No,wait! Stop" 'Damn so close' I thought and must have shown my dissapointment at her changing her mind. "I don't want a cape...I want to feel all the long hair you cut off slid down my skin"  for a moment her words didn't register until she quickly began pulling off her clothes. "you joining me?" i hadn't expected this at all but the thought of feeling her hair against my skin was so exciting and so I quickly ******** too. we stood there, naked, her cloaked in a thick mane of hair and me so close behind her I could feel the soft thickness of hair against my skin. "Now....she said  " shear me ....slowly! (To be continued) 

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You need to finish this asap its really good

wow great story cant wait for the next one.