Tasha's Vacation Haircut (Part.II)

Tasha continued….. Sunday early in the morning at about 6.00 A.M. we had left our home…….We had reached our Hotel at about 9.00 PM late in the evening after many hours of journey by road, air & again by road……On that night we had our dinner in the Hotel itself & preferred to take rest.

Our Hotel was situated very close to the sea beach; it’s not a big Hotel but have all modern facilities inside the Hotel premises. Monday in the morning I’d an appointment with the lady beautician of the beauty salon operated in the hotel for some beauty related treatment like facial, waxing, pedicure, manicure, etc….. I’d also a wonderful body massage & special bath in rose flower petal water in the spa operated in the hotel. You know Rishita it’s all arranged by Rocky as a surprise gift for me!

In the afternoon we had been to the beaches directly…We’d spend hours together in the beaches & came back to our hotel late in the night at about 11.00 PM.……Next day we’d been to the beaches again very early in the morning & spend hours in the beaches….it was such a lovely beach Rishita……Only Sea, Surf, Sand, Sun, Bikini…Food, Wine & Fun Rishita……..we’d enjoyed a lot in the beaches for next few days …..We’d visited to many other places including a couple of other beautiful beaches…But I’d really loved spending time with Rocky in those beautiful beaches……Rishita…

It was about two week to our vacation; we had shifted to another Hotel in the outskirt of the town, literally in a remote area. It was a very small hotel but well furnished and a nice cool place for vacation…Rishita….. The next day during those intimate moments in the night Rocky whispered suddenly in my ears “Tomorrow we are not going to any place darling; in the evening first we will shave your head bald. I’d made an appointment with Tony, the barber of the salon operated in the hotel. Tony has agreed to station a mini salon at 9.00PM in our room after his salon hour….” At that time I didn’t think much about it….But next day I’d started only thinking about my upcoming haircut in the evening. I’d got very nervous, my heart was beating very fast… lots of things were coming to my mind Rishita……How I will be looked without my beautiful long lush hair…? How people around me will react to see me bald? How it will feel when the barber shaves my head bald…? How it would be for a woman to experience a head shave…. experience a smoothly shaved bald head …

But I’d cheer up myself consoling that we are holidaying in a place far away from our town… we are totally stranger here in this place……no one going to ask me about my bald head at least here in this place…nothing to care about these issues at least here in this place…Further, I’d committed Rocky to shave my head bald & Rocky has arranged everything……there is no point in thinking about these issues at this moment & spoiling the vacation…..

After breakfast I’d shampoo my hair thoroughly, in fact I’d sat in a chair in the wash room & Rocky himself shampoo my beautiful thick long lush curly hair carefully & then he’d dried up my long lush hair first with a towel & finally brushed out my long curly lush hair thoroughly blowing air in between from the machine.

After launch Rocky suddenly told “Hey Tasha I am so excited darling, I want to video film your haircut in the evening. And for which only I’d made a request to Tony for your hair cut in our room & Tony has generously agreed”.

I don’t know why Rishita but I didn’t at all protest his idea to video film of my haircut, perhaps I too wanted to see my vacation haircut video later on…!

I’d stopped Tasha & asked impatiently “Did you made video film of your haircut Tasha? Will you please show me the video Tasha?” She holds my hand & told “Hey Rishita we have reached today early in the morning at about 5.00AM, Rocky went to his office & I’d come to your house to hand over your gift, chocolate & sweets…. I’ll show you the video tomorrow Rishita”… I’d agreed immediately & requested Tasha to continue….

To be Continued.....

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