I Love Barberettes 2

  1. It is now  6 weeks since I wrote my first few lines on the subject,however the return of the good weather means it's perfect for barberette hunting.as I said earlier the thrill is seeing how close you can go to being scalped before making an excuse and leaving.today I was free all day for my favourite hobby.as last time I got a bit too excited i decided to put a condom on so there would be no damp patches on my jeans.my first visit of the day was to a place i had found last month- i always feel more at ease with just one barberette in the shop.i waited until lunchtime because i knew the girls took staggered breaks.I drove past & couldn't believe my luck.i parked the car & walked to the shop . I walked in to see a very nice lady about 55,lots of false tan,dyed curly black hair halfway down her back & showing quite a large amount of firm cleavage,dressed in a white uniform.she showed me to the chair & slowly caped me.     "how are you having it today"she said . I would like it very short for the summer i replied. my hair is thick & curly & well over my collar! "I can scissor cut it if you like & then go shorter" she said ."no , just start with the clippers & take the back off"I said . with that she put on a small guard & switched on the clippers."I've just remembered I've come out with no wallet " I said- just a second before she put the clippers to my neck.she uncaped me & said to come back later.  I was ecstatic & had a real hard on,this was just the start    next up another recent discovery,one girl works AM the other PM  I had walked past twice but both times someone was in the chair & this one looked a ruthless barberette.I went to the local store for a bag of groceries with the idea that this next time i would sit & wait if the chair was occupied. I could see crossing the road that the chair was empty so I walked straight in."how much to shave all this off " I asked. £6 she said I said fine ,put the shopping down & she beckoned me to the chair .I thought this barberette was strict but actually she was very talkative  put me at ease,she was about 53 ,short highlighted hair,pink blouse & tight blue jeans, she was quite overweight but was so so sexy."you've had enough of it then"she said laughing & picked up the clippers.I said I've come out without my wallet,so she put down the clippers,but instead of getting up & leaving I reached into my pocket & pulled out £10 & put it next to the mirror- I had lost control. she smiled ,re-caped me & picked up the clippers again,pushing my head down she plunged the clippers against my neck &pushed them right up to the crown,large clumps of hair fellto the floor with every pass,I could feel the cool air on my skin.she pushed the clippers up in front of my ears ever so slowly so I could see the hair being peeled away,I think she knew when I came as she fingered my ears deliberately.I stared in the mirror as she thrust the clippers in the first pass across the top of my head,how could I have let this happen,I had lost control but I was in ecstasy.I looked back in the mirror to see no more curls just  a number 2 buzz,hair was everywhere.she finished & put the clippers down ,how is that, she said with a smile.a sudden thought came over me ,in for a penny in for a pound,"could you shave it without the guard" I said "you can have a 000 if you are sure" "just do it ,but slowly " I said. I came again &she knew it as she laughed out loud.all too soon it was over .I gave her the £10 & said keep the change ,it was worth it."I hope I'll see you again" she said as I left the shop.so tonight I am bald ,the barberette adventures will have to go on hold till next year,it was worth it I am still on a high.                                                                                                                                                           

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thanks for sharing. It is interesting to try to understand different things that give kicks.

wow wish I had the nerve to do this awesome