Fetish Delights

where on earth do i start ? one fetish revolves around hair, cutting and shaving it off also epilating the scalp and tatooing it. I also dream about lactating and suckling from a lactating woman. I dream about dominating a woman and moulding her to my own design i also have wet dreams about having a woman force feminise me,completely. I am transexual but would not class that as a fetish though meeting and having sex with other sexy t.girls does turn me on. I enjoy meeting women for casual highly charged ssex in unusual situations and places. I read a story recently about a girl with a peeing fetish and found the idea of making her hold a pee until she had to let go in her panties also hit my g.spot. Anal sex with women and t.girls,wow,and being taken from behind by a woman with a strap on really turns me on on many different levels. So fetishes ? where do i start and if i did would it only be to turn on faceless strangers pounding computer keys and other things over the internet ? I think i would like more than that how about you ? take care all, jan from near liverpool in england.
janus4u2 janus4u2
46-50, T
Jul 16, 2010