Boy Sleeping Feet

i have a foot fetish especially feet soles.
the other day i was out at night and came home at about 1 am. i found my 15 year old boy cousin sleeping in my bed with his feet soles facing up. they looked so tasty and pink i could not hold back. i started kissing them gently so i would not wake him up. i satarted then ************ and after a while i came all over his young soles. i did it about 3 times, what a mess. that is my story. thanx for reading

soleslover soleslover
1 Response Jul 30, 2010

i have had many a similar experiences. It gets so wild that I get carried away many a times. It's really even impossible to sleep if someone whose feet i fancy is sleeping next to me!! Thanks for sharing your story. I'm really encouraged to write my own!