Women's Headshaving Fetish

my headshaving fetish started around the age of 21 or maybe even earlier. when I was a little girl my mom used to cut my hair short like a little boy and would say to me "how about if i shave you bald?" just so i would panic and cry. When i was about 12 i finally wised up to her and told her when i was no longer in school she could shave me. When I was no longer in school I saw on tv women getting their heads shaved and started wanting to have my head shaved.
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I don't know when exactly it started and it seems to have stopped by now but I used to have dreams of me having my head shaved and I'd wake up so horny from it. Just thinking about it now. I don't just want my headshaved but my eyebrows as well. I think it's more of a humiliation kink but I want my head shaved so bad!

And I want it shaved smoothe and clean.

When I was about 16 years old once I saw a very small woman head shave video clip in TV and I discovered my fetish. And for many years I thought I am the only one having such weird desire.... even some times becomes scared... what would happen if some one find it out and told everyone in my place. But when I get married I found my husband also share similar type of fetish, he is totally fascinated with bald women. He always encouraged me to fulfill my hidden desire and in October 2013 he called a barber to our home and shaved my head completely bald and I really like it. But now I am growing my hair long again.

Ok. So where do you want to go from here?

I truely believe that a bald woman is very sexy and beautiful. that it brings out their true beauty. Displays inner strength and confidence. I am a man who shaves my head daily and would love to shave a lady bald. I live in Oklahoma and would love to meet someone near by that would love to have their head shaved smooth in any manor or fantasy you might have. I have been lucky to clipper cut two ladies with an one inch guide on clippers and that was great. But have never been able to shave to the skin like mine is. If interested drop me a line and we can see what happens from there.

Women are beautifull without hair. I love those women who decided to shave their head. They are very brave and sexy

I recently realize I have a hair fetish myself. I'm scared someone will figure out my secret. My hair is intact. I am turned on by the videos and stories about. What is wrong with me? I've never considered going bald, but sure becoming a hot obession with me. This is the first stage for me, any advice?

Nothing is wrong with you. A lot of people experience this. See if you can find a wig that matches your hair color and style. When you find one get it. Then try shaving just your neck then see about going the whole nape.

After you try shaving the nape try shaving the sides and do an undercut

If you like the look and feel of the nape shave and undercut then think about shaving your whole head and wear the wig when you go out until you decide if you like it or not then if you like it and are used to it and confident enough then try going out in public with it. Just make sure you take it in steps.. the first decision to go bald is usually the hardest. But make sure that if you do take the plunge and shave it all off have a wig before you do it incase you don't like how it looks. If the wig looks like your normal hair style and color no one should suspect anything. Hope it turns out well for you. Good luck.

Nothing is wrong with you. People like to play with their hair and see others do it. Relax.

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I wanna play with woman's long hair, give a woman long to short haircut and shave a woman's head.....mam r u interested....then plz mail me....

I live in datona beach fl i would love to find a women that would let me shave every part of there body it is a fantasy of mine

I am only 14 and am wanting to shave a bit of my hair off.I haven't told anyone as people say my hair is special(ginger) I'm also obsessed with watching women get their head shaved.But I like boys,Whats wrong with me ?<br />
I can't shave my hair of cut it too short as I like my hair but the main problem is that I keep watching videos of people getting their head shaved ?

nothing is wrong with you. i experience the same thing. i have a boyfriend who wants me to keep my hair the way it is yet i have a desire to shave it all off. you are not alone. there are a lot of us women like that. when you reach adulthood get a wig then shave it all off. if you don't like it you will have the wig for back up.but there is nothing wrong with you. don't ever think there is. you are just discovering who you are.

I agree 100%. I crave a good haircut/buzz cut punishment.

I am also the same way im into women .i wish i had a woman like u since i am a attractive guy.my exes uswd to do part of their hair.but iwAnt a woman to do it cause she likes it

Im a 37 yr old male .who also has a headshaving fetish

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Hi I've had a headshaving fetish for as long as I can remember. I'm male and I shave daily. Mmy beautiful wife of 31 years lets me shave her head (and other areas) on a regular basis. The sex afterward is awsome. When not shaved bald she sports a blonde buzz. When her peach fuzz grows to 1.5 to 2 inches she says this mess has got to go! I have to be the luckiest man on earth. In all the years we've been together the longest her hair has been is about 4 inches, but seldom surpasses 1inch. Her best looks are bald and at 2-3 weeks growth. Although over the years she has had a few negative remarks, the positive responses far outweigh the negative. She is petite with beautiful facial features, so she carries off the look well. She has women approach her often to tell her they wish they could wear their hair that short. She tells them to go for it, so I guess you could say she is an ambassador for the shaved/ buzzed look on women.

Hello !! I'm a 34 yol male,it would be a pleasure to help a female to cut, buzz, trim, side shave, nape shave or head shave. If you think I can help You. I live in the NY, NJ metro area. specialedition777@hotmail email me please .

Hi India. I am a 40+ girl, and I have had shaved (did it myself) 4 times in my life. I noticed many guys loved it and it somehow attracts them. Nothing wornong here I guess.<br />
The only thing what is wrong with your husband is that he shaved it without asking! that is really horrible. You should take a permanent marker and write ******* on his forehead. (not helping your situation, but it feels good)

Hello im an indian girl. i have long hair. my husband shaved my nape yesterday night while i was sleepin and then had sex with me. he had once before cut my hair into a short boy cut when he found me cheatin. but this time Im clean then why did he do this? is there something wrong with him? or is this normal.

i love bald women i have a strong fetish for it i want to shave a womans head please inbox or comment me if your a female wanting tooo shave your head or wanting too talk about stuff thanks :)

i love bald women i have a strong fetish for it i want to shave a womans head please inbox or comment me if your a female wanting tooo shave your head or wanting too talk about stuff thanks :)

I shave my head smooth bald once or twice a month and I just love it. My wife likes it as well.<br />
However, when I tell her to get a buzzcut or a headshave she just tells me that she'll never do it,<br />
that it's just my dream.<br />
I'm really kinda obsessed with buzzed or shaved women. I don't consider this a perversion, just <br />
a different way of sexual desire. Buzzed or bald heads on women really turn me on.<br />
Anyway, who knows, maybe one day my wife will surprise me wit ha completely new look...

<br />

i just get totally turned on by bald women and women getting head shaves i have no clue y? :(

hey i really want a guy to shave me bald!! guys, please help

I want to shave your head by my flat razor.....

Ill shave u bald

Fantasies of being forced to submit to a headshave or a very short haircut imposed by an evil and sexy barber (specially if he chooses ugly styles for a woman) are turn ons for me. Bondage in a barberchair is also great. In real life I am absolutely against forced submission, except in a faked context, a game previously discussed and agreed upon between loving partners.

i can do as u wish.....

any girls want a short haircut? message me.

i am a 29 year old male in oklahoma. i love to cut/shave girls hair, i have shaved my exwifes head before and we had wonderful sex afterward. if any girls want their hair cut please messege me. joey at jwnichols2008@yahoo.com

Hi !!!!! Am 23 Years old..... I dunno xactly wat s d reason for tat....<br />
But I have a great desire to shave a woman's head or a woman to shave off ma head.<br />
And i love bald women very much.Am happy tat dere are many bald lovers like me by seein over here.<br />
I have shaved ma head in a barbershop once and ll try to do it again.<br />
After seein dis blog i hav decided tat if i get a chance am gonna ask ma lover to shave ma head and would love to be bald ever.<br />
If i get succeed in gettin bald with ma lover I ll tell u all people definitely...<br />
To be continued.... :)

Hi !!!!! Am 23 Years old..... I dunno xactly wat s d reason for tat....<br />
But I have a great desire to shave a woman's head or a woman to shave off ma head.<br />
And i love bald women very much.Am happy tat dere are many bald lovers like me by seein over here.<br />
I have shaved ma head in a barbershop once and ll try to do it again.<br />
After seein dis blog i hav decided tat if i get a chance am gonna ask ma lover to shave ma head and would love to be bald ever.<br />
If i get succeed in gettin bald with ma lover I ll tell u all people definitely...<br />
To be continued.... :)

i have a side shave done on my hair, its either side of my head and its grade 0. im a girl and im proud to shave my hair!!! lol xxx

I have had a fetish for women's hair as long as I can remember. I has changed over the years. I use to want to shave a woman's head. INow, I just want to brush it and play with it and braid it and style it to bring out her natural beauty. I love bangs most times to bring out beautiful eyes.


any time...

I would like my hair cutting really short into masculine style, feminine is boring and i am sick of being a girly girl. I want the full barber shop experience. CAN ANYONE HELP with styles and where or who i could go to for cut xxxx

allow me...

I have a fetish for forced/punishment/submissive haircuts. I love to watch a guy cut a womans hair by force and would love to have it done to me. I'm not sure about going completely bald but I'd love someone to want to cut off my long hair into a short pixie.

cant describe how much the thought of shaving a woman bald then having he shave me bald turns me on. I cant explain why this is so and it definately does not fit into any of my other fetishes desires but would love to find like minded people too talk to about it. jan from near liverpool.

I am a woman in my 30s, and have worn a shaved head, off and on, since I was 22. <br />
<br />
I love the look and feel of having a smooth shaved head, and my husband loves it on me.<br />
<br />
I first shaved my head because I noticed that some women fashion models and women singers wore the bald look, and some of them looked so good with it, and I was petite and believed I had the feminine features to wear it well. <br />
I usually wear a headscarf or headwrap at work when wearing my bald look, but sometimes I like to get dolled up in a sexy dress, makeup, and long dangle earrings and wear my bald look when I go out with my husband. <br />
<br />
I believe I have the head shape and feminine features to wear the bald look well.<br />
My husband has long light brown hair and is Caucasion, and I am an African-American woman with a short afro or a shaved head.<br />
I love his beautiful long hair on him, and he likes my beautiful shaved head, so it works for us.<br />
I am glad some men like beautiful women with shaved heads, To me it is a chic modern fashion style on a lady.

Go for it. I have clippers and have always wanted to shave a woman's head !!!! I just joined the group. Hello everybody!!!

I have as long as I can remember wanted to shave my head, but never dared. I grew a shoulder length blonde hair and was complemented with it.<br />
Got married and it looked as my hubby loved the hair, but found some journals where it was obvious hehad looked at bald women. I did not tell him I discovered it but after a TV program we talked and then I asked him : Would you shave my head close and see me bald. he was surpriced and got red and I asked him would you please do it. Well that night he did buzz my head close and used his shaver to do it so that my head shined. I had blonde hair so you could not see the roots of the hair. <br />
It was a very strange sight for me to see my self without a single hair on my head.<br />
After that he shaved my head every now and then to keep it shaved. <br />
Three months after I had a big dental treatment having all teeth pulled and dentures. I did not know how he liked that but he loved seeing me toothless and nowI am toothless with him always except when being together with friends.. <br />
Think of it he tells me I am the most sensual looking woman he has ever seen. Isn't that great

i used to think I was very strange.I couldnt make sense of my fascination with clippers,barbers,m/f headshaving and pubic shaving.The list could go on...... but thanks to the internet and forums like this and the people that post I have come to accept myself as normal just with a different sexual appetite so thank you to those that are brave enough to share and for those that are considering taking the plunge ,go for it.I have found that what is a big deal to us is usually nothing to others. rejoice in your uniqueness


I'm male, also with a massive headshaving fetish on women. Love to see women with extreme hair or even completely shaved, and would dearly love to find a woman who would like to go "all the way", with me driving the clippers. Bravo desire2bebald, I say go for it, you only live once and hair does grow back!!

Hi I'm a new user to this site. But I'd love to say the thought of being bald intrigues me. I once shaved my head before as an experiment but was ridiculed for it. I am afraid to do it again as I have more or less grown my hair long for the past 6 years.<br />
<br />
As a new start for university I am thinking of shaving my head completely smooth and and keeping it that way from now on. But I spose I'd love to have a bald girl shave me completely.

what is your gender? and please clarify... do you 'spose' you'd love to be shaved by a sexy bald chick or do you know it?? don't be shy Slege2345 we are all friends here;)

My gender is male....and yes.....I would love it....I would love to be shaved bald by a bald chick ;)

Now your talking;) As a sometimes bald woman I wouldn't move on any wishy-washy comments or weak hints... I'd need know you wanted it. Then I would consider shaving you completely bald baby;)

I am a male who has a head shaving fetish too, I love having mine shaved by women, love being bald too especially in the winter and autumn when you can feel the breeze and rain on your smooth shaved scalpand see the water forming droplets on it, as I use baby oil to moisturise with during my head shave. so its kind of water resistant lol.<br />
<br />
Love bald or wanting to be bald women too. I grew up in rural Ireland and am Bald by choice now for the last 20 years. Imagine how hard it was 20 years in a small rural community. Only people who were bald were black basketball pla<x>yers on TV or chemo patients. I was neither and considered a freak. <br />
<br />
I still went bald and find it soo sexy. Hard to find a woman nearby who likes or finds bald men sexy or would enjoy shaving me, let alone shaving her. I say go for it!<br />
<br />
I mean what about travelling to one of those photoshoots as a model, that way you can say you did it for the money too :-)<br />
<br />
Personally I would shave you in a heartbeat if you wanted to, but how do you find bald men is equally important to me, would you enjoy shaving me too :-)<br />
<br />
Best wishes on becoming your own bald Goddess <br />

i had my head shaved once and i loved it<br />
i would love to do it again. i love to see other women get their head shaved. it has become a fetish.

I had my head shaved once .. I had gone from hair down to the middle of my thighs..... to shaved completely bald.... it was a baaaaad look for me! i looked like the psycho dyke from hell... was terrible...... I grew it back as soon as I could ... its now down to the middle of my back... well more like 3/4 down my back.... since having that experience... I have a huge fetish for women with very very long hair

wow...i want to play with your lovely long hair....