Pee And Arseholes

DISCLAIMER: If you're not into this kind of thing then fair enough and I suggest not to bother reading in the first place only to probably voice your disgust or repulsion or whatever..

Hey so my fetish involves anything to do with a sexy girl's arsehole and pee if she's up for either or both.

I love the idea of pee because of how dirty and kinky it is. I'm not into the whole "wetting" thing or peeing yourself in public. I'd more prefer for a girl to pee on me wheresoever she wishes... I don't mind.. Hair (my new shampoo ha ha).. Face.. Chest.. C.ock - almost like marking her territory and "claiming" it as her rightful possession :P mmm.. Or if she was dominant she could force me to take it in my mouth and possibly swallow it too.

As for arseholes. Some I don't like to look at but some I find seriously f.uckin sexy and I'd love to do anything I could to them such as kissing, smelling intensely, eating/licking, sucking (if they're outward facing as is sometimes the case), fingering and whatever else..

It's pretty much for the kink/dirty factor...

I'm a submissive kind of type and because of that am kind of into humiliation which seems to take more and more as time passes to the point where I wouldn't want to visit a professional Mistress who might be into forced-bisexuality if you get my drift. I wouldn't be too agreeable to such a session.

However I do like humiliation and such things that would humiliate such as spitting whether it be on my face or c.ock or in my mouth or whatever to humiliate me as much as possible. Obviously if I was restrained I would have no way of defending myself or preventing stuff especially if I was ring-gagged forcing my mouth open with space for things to be inserted the Mistress could have guys f.uck me or c.u.m on or in me, pee on or in me - do whatever they wanted to me... She could really humiliate me by smothering me with her arse and p.u.ssy choosing to cover my mouth and nose with whichever combination she preferred. I'd expect she'd choose p.u.ssy covering mouth and arse right in my nose so I'd only be able to smell/inhale a musky sweaty arsehole while whatever else was happening was going on. She could really humiliate by having a guy f.uck me - probably having me restrained in a really exposing, slutty, humiliating position with easy access for well endowed guys to f.uck me while she smothered and me and made me smell her arsehole and probably only getting off my face in order to re-ring gag me and let my mouth be used as a f.uck hole for all the guys' c.ocks... Ugh it would be horrible.. Especially the taunting I'd get as my would probably be hard from the humiliation even though I would still feel humiliated nonetheless. Ugh she'd probably make them wipe their sweaty stinking heads on my nose too for an added insulting smell... Ugh..

Any thoughts on my fetishes or what I've said in general?
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1 Response May 20, 2012

hey i love to have my face and mouth humiliated by female no man,but she could,spit,****,****,stand,make eat eat toenails,lick dirtyfeet,eat her snot,vomit,anything i love it

Hey that's pretty kinky.. I wouldn't lie though or eating toenails/snot/vomit..