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Certain women have beautiful feet with toes that just beg to be sucked!
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I like the curves of the feet going into the legs. I tried messing with my wifes feet years ago and got kicked in the mouth for it. So tha massaging kissing sucking. I've never tried yet.

i agree but dont know about the toe sucking

Women feet are one and only wonder of the world... foot fetish is my life

i love a beautiful womens feet, toes and soles. and i love a womens body the ***, brest and all of the sexy curves on a women they are georgeous but when im with a women with small, sexy, oh so soft and clean feet it is sooo much better i love to massage and lotion up a womens foot. Suck on thoes beautiful toes, i used to be kinda shy with my fetish but after i started gettin into this i just started telling women what i like and have had no problems with it. there has only been one girl that wasent that into it but she would do it cuz i loved it. How ever other women that i have been with never even tried it before have actully loved it and the sex was amazing when bolth are into it so i now look for women that like it we click much more. and i know there are women that say they would never do it, but you should give it a try the foot is a very sensitive, and sexuall part of the bodyif you tried it you may love it. one of my x girlfriends was not into it before we got together but after words she could climax so quickley and multiple times while we made love and i sucked on her toes. but my favorite way for me to climax is after she has is on top of her with her legs up in the air and bare feet the soles and arches that are so soft rubed all over my face. this may sound weird to some but i love it and do not want to stop.

i like feet i am really attracted to them and i like to suck btoes womens toes

Everyone has there turn ons I say. If my gf or wife liked something in particular I wouldn't mind that for her. I do know there are worse than this so sometimes the line has to be drawn on how far we will go to make our partner happy.

I am sexually aroused by a beautiful women with sexy feet. I would rather seem them bare possibly right out shoes or socks. Not dirty from walking barefoot.

i absolutely love it i hate it when ppl are so judgmental, if you see an overwieght person do always ask them why they fat *no disrespect> but cummon man

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Grear... hope in touch with u... kiss for your feet... and conditions?

a womans feet is probably the most wanted piece in sexual desire there is, and there is a lot of men and woman that wiill admit to this. So then use it, interact with it during intercourse. It will take you to a new level..........

totally agree i love ladies feet & sexy toes

I think it depends a lot on your partner. I have had some really great experiences where I have licked, sucked or just played with a ladies feet during sex or foreplay. One partner used to like a foot massage before sex as she found it increased her sexual desire. <br />
Personally I would happily lick and tease every part of a womans body as long as it is clean enough. Good hygiene is important. Although some of my most mind blowing sexual experiences have been enjoyed with a womans toe in my mouth I have also been on the other end of it. Best ******* I ever had was with feet, and it was mind blowing!

I have to agree with BrutMystik here, "IF THEY ARE CLEAN", no part of the body should be avoided if the person enjoys having that part or parts massaged. The girl that said FEET EWWW, must have unclean smelly feet or something.

Not only woman but men as well. The foot is such an erotic part of the body both for giving and receiving pleasure..why is it so hard to find someone who gets it on both sides?

What is there not to like about beautiful feet... The summer is my favorite time of year because I am able to do lots of feet watching..

Well, Number1 Desire, I'm not sure if we women experience fetishes like men, either. But, I can tell you that years ago I dated a guy who had a true foot fetish. If he could touch, suck, lick any part of my body he would always choose my feet (which is VERY different, especially since most find my G-cup breasts the most attractive). I have to admit, I REALLY enjoyed it.....didn't think I would, but, D A M N--it all felt amazing and seeing how excited and turned on it made him only made it better!!!! You like what you like, huh???


I have the most intense foot fetish in the world! I keep it secret to most of my friends and family. Not only did I feel alone before finding info in mags/internet, but even when i did I found that most of it was about shoes, dom b&d, trampling etc. I understand those games can be fun and kinky and agree that it can be a real turn on, but the way a "normal" person would respond to seeing another persons private parts whether It's heat of the moment sex or catching a glimps by accedent maybe. Seeing womens feet, sucking and licking them is honestly the most exciting thing I can imagin. I can't help it, It's how I'm wired. I except it and love it and have been with women who are excepting and ok with it but please correct me if I'm wrong but I'm not convinced that woman have fetishes like men do. I don't mean to be sexest but I've heard women say they have fetishes but to me it just sounds like a kinky game they like to play. I met a guy once who used to pay prostitutes to sit in a chair and smoke cigarettes with thier clothes on while he watched and ***********. Although It's not my 'thing' but I understand excactly how he feels. When people hear of these stories they imagine a dirty old man with yellow teeth smelling of stale cigarettes. I know I've generalised a lot here but I'm trying to explain how it feels rather than how it is.

I agree with LostCancerian above about reflexology, having studied it when I was younger, but I also have to admit to being smitten by a lovely pair of feet a few times in my life. And though I prefer to suck other parts of a woman's body, I have on occasion enjoyed a toe or two.

the feet are not only beautiful, but they provide trigger points to various other parts of the body, if you learn a little bit about reflexology (sp?) you can learn which zones react with which parts of the body, therefore increasing the pleasure both you and your partner are able to get out of the experience. <br />
personally, i would rather my feet be used differently than just for sucking, but thats me. *shrugs*

There isn't any part of someone I wouldn' :>- provided it is clean.

I have to agree with you about the foot...many people don't know how sensitive and beautiful the feet are...I am a foot rubber, well, pretty much a rubber of anything, and I love to see someone relaxed and feeling good. Between the toes...that feels good.

I can't stand for people to touch my feet, much less suck on them. Even if they do think there beautiful my socks stay on during a foot massage