Swimsuit And Diapers..hopefully I'm Not Alone~~

Hey there, i have this two ( you may call it weird ) fetish that is living in me, swimsuit fetish and diaper fetish. I don't really know how i got these two fetish in the first place but its been living with me ever since.

Not like any other (normal) guy, i actually don't really like to see girls who flash much of their skins/naked. In fact, i prefer to see them in one piece swimsuit or in baby diapers. (Believe me, they really turn me on A LOT!!!) Just wondering, if any girls out there have these same fetish with me, want to know that i'm not alone~~

PS. Do you think i'm somehow weird having to live in these fetish?? o.0 love to hear some awesome fetish if you have any =)
Lycan93 Lycan93
18-21, M
2 Responses Sep 8, 2012

I like seeing boys in one piece swim suits, with their erections outlined in front. I also like wearing them myself and the same with diapers.

Do you just like them on women or do you also wear them yourself?
A lot of people have various fetishes and I believe you are not alone.