My Fetish (one Of Them)

One of my two main fetishes is voraphilia.

Also known as vore, it's a complex fetish, but is usually depicted as enjoying the idea of being eaten alive (usually being swallowed whole).

More info can be found here:
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3 Responses Oct 16, 2012

I enjoy vore, but I prefer being the predator to the prey. It's all good either way though.

Alive, and whole and conscious, is the best way.

That's interesting

Sound like a Jonah complex

Eh, not so much. That for Jonah, was punishment. This, is the exact opposite of punishment.

be eaten before die or after die?. Praying Mantis it's better than Joah. If Female it's necessary absolutely for u, its Praying Mantis voraphilia. If be eaten it's the more importante experience (female or male it's secondary on your sexual "dreams", then yes, you are on voraphilia. In any case, I don't know anyone here trying live what thwy write here ¬¬