Wash It

I've never actually had sex on a running washing machine but thought of it turns me on. It just seems like it would make sex even better.

tinkabella tinkabella
18-21, F
8 Responses May 14, 2007

WOW I have stood in front of the washer and leaned into it pressing my **** ageist it it gave me a wonderful ****** in my pants!

My man has loved me everywhere in the house, the garage, you name it, the best is on th seat of a ideling harley, I have so many ******* that way, that washer will se tame after to try the seat, write to us young2093@gmail.com and let us know how the washer experience went

i dont think that .......................... well you'll see later tink.

ok im not going to get into this one. because what i have to say about this would just be too much.

How am I supossed to stay a virgin with all of you incredible mentors around... ;@

LOL - yea - My wife and I did this in my mother's basement about a week before we got married, the noise from the machines covered the noise we were (trying not to) making....it was pretty good, but then all sex at the point was really great......but I tell ya', doing it in a dryer large enough is giving me some ideas.....

ROF, Sasxiv! I think it's the thought of that added vibration! Gets a woman's motor revved!

It definitely did. the dryer was pretty good too.....