Mr Clean

i have some of what i believe will be the weirder fetishes on here. everyone Else's seem kinda mild... lol, no offense.

the nice thing is i don't really care if people think my fetishes are weird, and i enjoy them. maybe there are others out there like me?

i have a huge thing for the character "Mr. clean" his bald head, white shirt earing thing totally does it for me. i find myself incredibly attracted to men that resemble him too.

then i have what i will affectionately call a "small person" fetish. rawr!!

choking fetish, and or breath play in general. not to mention the spanking-hair pulling thing.

well the list goes on, but i think that's good for now.

lostcancerian lostcancerian
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15 Responses May 15, 2007

Sorry, are you saying you like BALD men:-)

sorry, though i do find african american men atractive, I am not curently looking to get into any "trouble"... thanks for the offer anyways.

Are you into shaved black guys, I can take you to new heights, I love sweet white and asian girls the best, tell me your fantasy and I can help you fullful them, I have a farm, my sister lives with me, we could have alot of fun together. Write back girl

Wow, this is the first time I've heard of a Mr. Clean fetish! But then again, I used to be in love with the Brawny Man brand of paper towels because I liked the mascot's mustache. :)

Oh I love bald guys too. My second husband was bald and women were constantly touching his head. Which is probably what really had me turned on, hee hee.

lol, all the hot ones are...

I always kinda thought Mr. Clean was gay. XD Not even Mrs. Butterworth could turn his head.

and it is the best damn bit o'metish you could imagine. <br />

um, would you happen to look a little like lex luthor, cause he does the same thing for me... :D<br />
hee hee

Ever since I shaved my head I get twice the attention I used to get.<br />
I wonder if it's some chicks with a Mr. Clean fetish?<br />
Even tho' I look nothing like him....

you watch basic instinct alot don't you? who doesn't? it raw, agressive and seductive

it just progressively gets more dull i'm sure! ;) lol

i'd really love to hear the rest of the list - .... continue?...

yes midgets, i was trying to be "PC"... lol, but well, yeah. :)<br />
and some of the other stuff well- obviously you know of my ************ watching fetish for one...?

Please do go on, don't stop on our account. I know several women with the 'Mr Clean' fetish, spanking and hair pulling of course, especially when I'm behind her....the choking thing not so much....and small person - as in 'little people' - midgets?