My biggest fetish is to be embarrassed and humiliated, made to do things in public that humiliate me, like bring forced to dress as a girl, or be on a leash. If Im in private then the humiliation has to be more internal so it normally has to be worse, just being ordered to dress up isnt enough, made to drink my own pee, or perform on camera for random men and women without knowing who they are are obeying commands.

One of the worst was being ordered to go into a public ladies toilet dressed as a girl, ***** down inside, take pictures of myself licking the toilet seat and the toilet bowl, then ********** and leave. Couldnt have been more turned on, especially when my tongue was licking the porcelain.
22-25, M
1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Nice,love for a lady to make you follow her around as she walk barefoot,the sit were slot of people are around make you lay on the ground and use your face as a footstool making you lick them clean,the taken you to get something to eat and blowing her nose and spitting in your food and making you eat it,taking your bread in the bathroom and wiping her and with it then put it in your mouth