Well i got a thing for girls with pretty hands and feet. Don't know when it happened but one day realized that it was something that really turned me on. Whenever i am with a girl i always make sure that the mani/pedicure is always in effect. i'll pay for it most of the time.  Toes gotta be on point if your wearing sandals. I also like dirty talk. i mean nasty, call me all kind of names, tell me how you like it and where to put it stuff. i don't really tell whoever i'm with but if they do it, LOOOOOOOKOUT!!!!!
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To answer Luci, not Scary Movie talk but the "i wanna taste your *** and put my **** in your ***." and "spank me you bad boy." and let me kiss and lick your *******." Yeah like that. i guess im a freak-a-leak!!!

As in " I wanna f*** your brains out and want your **** in my *** and **** and I want you to *** in my *****. or as in Scary Movie dirty talk