More like a list, been meaning to organize it by the alphabet (I could make a fetish alphabet with majority of the list) and yes I have X covered with xeno and I honestly would like to see what it's like to have sex with a female of another world (Preferably one that wouldn't like to eat her mate afterwards) as the least goes from abrasions to pregnancy to weight gain and so on, the few that don't make my list are watersports, snuff, and scat. They're big never and the rest would be easier just to ask.
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Who says aliens have females? ;-) Maybe they only have 1 gender, like some other organisms on Earth or maybe they have 8 genders, would be fascinating too!

But more seriously: I get the idea, I even share it, it's not 'any' feminine-like (humanoid) alien with me though, I have 'her' envisioned to a certain extent.
'She' doesn't have to be female per se, but I do fantasize about a certain level of understanding and similarity, the vibe of 'we're so close and the same, but yet so different'.
Feminine attributes are softness, a focus on lips and a certain flow in movements, voice and body language, just like attitude or behavior: nothing agressive or controling.
Just things I as a female human can relate to a little, if that's in an alien, unknown to humans, gender, that's cool too.
But 'she' does have soft, silver skin, a long slim tail and at least matches my height, that's for sure. ^^

I'd prefer scales myself, but the tail is a definate welcome sight.

Tails are great, when vocal communication doesn't work (wich is pretty obvious), a tail is important to 'read' the other.

My fantasy isn't about sex btw, just romantic kissing and cuddling.

Sex is a bonus, I'm more interested in a loving relationship.