Pretty Girls...

Reading these entries I realize that to other people our fetishes may seem tame, but to us they are alive and vibrant. I realized long ago that I was turned on by pretty girls in white dresses. I also realized that I liked my women in white dresses without underwear. Then there was a girlfriend of mine who got into the habit of shaving her ***** and wearing a white dress with no undies.  Man,  was in hog heaven!  She would tease me with this, knowing of my preference, and denying me the sexual gratification... until she decided we had both suffered enough. Then it was real good for a while.
malloy malloy
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4 Responses May 30, 2007

I like the see-through wet white swimsuit!

I read one day the Marilyn Monroe had to wear 2 pairs of undies for her famous " just airing out" pose because her hair was very dark

Very interesting story about Elvis.

Did you know Elvis had a fetish for dark haired women in white cotton undies?? ( so he could see through them.) just a little trivia fact I heard one day.