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Nappy Fetish??

Hey guys!!

As always I will start by saying I'm Melissa :) I'm 26 and from Coventry in the UK :) I'm a UK size 8, slim, I have 32B breasts (small but very pert ;)) I'm only 5' 2" and by far my best feature is my little but round *** (and in my opinion what comes out of it haha)

This story will be in two parts, when I first found out I liked the feel of nappies and all that comes with them,

The second how I got back into it when I was a bit older!! I have gone into this a little before buts here's the detail!

Ok I have always been a very sexual girl, and what I like to call special!! Special in the respect that I really don't care what society thinks and I never have. I will try ANYTHING (legal) and if I like it I will continue to do it! Whether its "normal" or "mainstream" I really don't care and I have had this opened minded and experimental view for as long as I can remember!!

I will always remember what started all this off! I started touching and ************ probably between 9 and 10 years old! I would do it ever night in bed and anytime I got chance in between.

I was in the bathroom one evening on a school night, I had started to lick the door now I was a young woman after all!! I would always pee in the shower, why not?? It's all water!! Yet I had never really associated with ************ or being sexual!

This day however I jumped in the shower and turned it on.... No water :( I shouted my mum and she said she had to turn the washing machine off and to wait 5 mins!!

I stood and waited like a good girl, but I needed my ****!! Well the water will be on in a min it makes no difference I thought!!

I squatted in the shower my knees pressing against the side and started!! Now this was different, there was no other water, just my pee!! It was warm, splashing of the shower floor up against my bold ***** and my ***, OMG! That was it I was leaving against the wall still peeing rubbing my **** while my per splashed up with seconds I had ***!!! Mmmmm!!

This now happened a few times I would stand and pee in the shower and *** then turn the water on after, then I needed more, It soon moved to keeping my knickers on wetting them, it gave me more of a dirty thrill, I could feel the more **** against me n I loved looking at them after pee and *** stained ;)

My mum was a baby sitter!! Another day I will always remember was being in the bathroom in my knickers ready for my shower and a nappy had been left out! I saw it n had to try it, with the familiar increase in my heart beat and trembling legs I squeezed into it my body being skinny! Yes this was the rush!! I didn't need the shower there would be no mess, I perched on the end of a wooden dirty cloths box leant back against the fall and wet myself!! Within seconds of feeling my warm pee spreading around my ***** n my ***, my hand was in my nappy, squirming around pushing the wet material against myself, I came... Quick!!

I was hooked!! I continued for some time over the years never anything more just using in my bathroom locked in maybe once a week when I needed a thrill.

This stopped at maybe 15, 16 boys started to take notice as I stayed skinny and cute and other girls got fat and pregnant! I realised I didn't have the bottle to tell anyone my secret and in a way I didn't want to!! I loved it on my own!!

I started hanging out with guys a little older , guys with car!! They soon realised my thirst for sex and experimentation but they had no idea what I was capable of!! An experimental young girl to them meant they could **** me, I would suck their ***** , and there mates, and would pretty much do what ever they wanted no matter where we were!! I loved it, they loved it, I got a reputation but couldn't have cared less!!!

This all died down when I grew up a little and stayed with the same guy for years, he was great but boring in bed and I just put all that stuff behind me..

Now for the second part!!....

The relationship with the guy lasted all the way up until I was 22! I had forgot my past and was gutted when we split!

At 23 I decided I was getting out, there was a flat for rent just round the corner from work and I had it straight away. I was single and loving it!! But soon the slow boring evenings alone started to get to me!! I bought a laptop and within days I was watching **** and ************ 2 or 3 times a night! I was starting to get my sex drive back, I would shave my ***** every other night feeling sexy and sit in living room watching standard sex and the odd ********* wishing it was me being ****** my these big dicks!!

I started to buy toys, lots of them, starting with bullet vibrators , ****** and rabbits followed by anal beads and *** toys. I got a real thrill watching **** on all fours laptop in front of me ******* my own ***!!! The thrill of doing things abit different was back!

Then I found a site called netporn!! My kinky side was out! I started to watch all the weird and crazy things on there nothing turning me off and keeping my ever open mind!! Then I came across a video that brought it all back!!

There I was legs apart anal beads buried inside my ***, playing with my **** watching a girl openly wet and MESS a nappy!! It felt hot, it felt different, OMG I squirted!!! I had seen it on netporn but just assumed I couldn't do it!! The bed was soaked and I was hooked again!!

I did some research and found a company on eBay that produces adult nappys in a small size (hard to find) but with really pretty girly patterns on them (even harder to find) my order was in for a starter pack of two nappies!!

They took 3 days to come!! It felt like a life time, I needed this I watched lots more videos online of this sort of think , squirting atleast twice a day, then on Saturday morning they were here!!!

I was laying in bed and I heard the door, I rushed out of bed and down stairs not realising I was just in my knickers and bra!! The postman was happy and so was I!!!

I took them upstairs! They were wrapped In pretty pink paper which made it feel even more cute and girly!! I LOVED this!! I loved being here in my own place doing anything I please!! I picked my favourite design , pink with little white stars!! :)

I lay down on my bed and played around with different positions to get it on, I taped myself up either side nice and snug!! I was ready, I put on a top and wanted to stay just like that!! I checked myself in the full length mirror my ***** was instantly soaked , making my brand new, dry nappy a little moist!

I sat on the bed, loving the comfort , the crinkle reminding me of how naughty I was!' I had made a decision I didn't care about mess, I didn't care about anything! I was gonna do exactly what I wanted and worry about sorting myself out after!! I felt completely free for the first time! I hadn't had my morning wee yet but I wasn't ready xx

I got a real thrill just walking around my flat in my nappy, checking myself in all the mirrors, feeling my cushioned ***!! I knew I was addicted, the fact people would think I was weird was even hotter!! I was soon stretching my tapes to get my hand in and touch myself sitting on my sofa with cup of tea!! I needed my morning wee!!

I put my cup down and stayed where I was!! I completely let go but nothing happened!! Wow this was harder than I thought, so unnatural after so long using the boring toilet! It took time, I had to concentrate! I had little dribbles that due to me sitting down went straight into my *** crack and soaked it that drove me crazy!! After a while I had a little squirt of pee abd just relaxed ! That was it I flooded my nappy! It was the best feeling ever!! It brought back all those nasty filthy feelings!! I loved this!! I stood up.

My nappy was heavy and warm to the touch , my ***** and *** where soaking wet!!! I was ready to take off my nappy and *** harder than ever!!

I left it on walking to my bedroom, but wait, I needed a poo!!! My heart was beating so hard!! Could I???

Release I reminded myself!! Do what u want!! I turned around and sat back on the I pushed!! This wasn't going to work!! My nappy was pressing hard against my ***.

I stood up and walked to the kitchen staying well away from the boring bathroom!!

I put the kettle on again gently pushing and trying to relax!! Is was easier this time, the kettle hasn't even boiled and I felt my soft poo slide out of my toned *** and into the seat of my nappy!! I pushed as hard as I could and could feel my load pressing against my *** cheeks!!!! Yes!!!! But I wasn't done! There wasn't room, I still had poo coming out of my ******* with know where to go!!! But u no what it felt good so I left it!! That's it I was in ecstasy!! And completely carried away!!

I knelt down and rocked slamming my *** hard into the wooden kitchen floor!! My **** broke off out my *** and went EVERYWHERE, all over my *** n *****!! I squirmed around rubbing **** frantically, feeling my hot poo all over me abd not caring!

I reached around the back there was **** coming over the nappies waist band!! I didn't care I took my top off and carried on!!

Man I stunk but it only turned me on more!!! I came in my nappy hard!!! Shivering covered in **** and *** sat on my floor!! I needed to come again instantly!!

I stood up and waddled up to my bedroom, as I stood the weight of the nappy pulled it away from my *** it felt so good, I squeezed my **** in my nappy again checking myself in the mirror poo on my lower back to from the overload!!

I stood in my room and undid the taps, I fell to the floor hard under the weight! I ran to the bathroom and grabbed a towel laying it on my bed, I needed this so much! Checking in the mirror again I was in a real mess! My ******* , crack and cheeks covered , my ***** covered nearly up to my ****!!!!! **** it

I dived on to the towel on all fours, my stick smelly *** up high in the air,

I grabbed my fav vibrator and literally RAMMED it deep into my ***, the squishy poo making it easier! My other hand grabbed my ***** and I played hard while drilling my *** deep!!

I was nearly there.... I looked left and saw it, laying there inches from me!

My dirty nappy, MY dirty nappy!! MY ****, MY ****, MY ***!! The sight tipped me over!!! I squirted hard all over the towel and collapsed to get my breath it was all over!!

Or I thought it was until I turned around and saw my toy it was so dirty, so covered in ****. My hand went straight back to my ***** I stared at it?! I loved it, I had done that!! Me my new nasty, disgusting slutty *****!!! YES!!! I came again HARD!!!

The clean up was a botch!!! Me and the you lol

Thanks for reading , please comment :) xx

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