I have gone down on women before, and I was into it. But it's becoming a total obsession, as in I think about it all the time and I don't know anyone intimately enough to get into it.

I read a list of advice from women about how to do it right, about how they like it done. I read articles online and in books and magazines, studied books on sexual behavior that go into detail about the female body and the vagina, etc. Watching **** is only interesting if they have a good shot of someone going down on the girl, cuz then it's almost like watching a sex ed. training film- "Then use your tongue and slide it up and down and in and out..." and the guy in the lab coat stands to the side using a pointer while he describes what's going on.

HairyDood HairyDood
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1 Response Jan 18, 2007

i like the theory of just trying to write the alphabet letters with your tongue... hee hee. no more listening to love line for me...