I Have a Bra Fetish

Don't ask me why or how it started, but bras really turn me on. It's not something I get into on first time sex or one nighters, but once I get regular with a lady, she knows I love her bra to be the last thing off, even after panties. I remember I had a real hippie girlfriend years back who never wore one, a real jeans and t-shirt and nothing else kinda chick, but she went out and got one just to add spice. It really did create even more intense foreplay and lovemaking. She started doing something I'd never thought of - she'd stroke me off with her bra. It ended up being such a turn on. I still love it. My last lady added her own twist. Whenever we alone at her or my place, she'd take off her shirt - leave the bra on. Most of the time this was not the start of sex because there were still things to do for the day, but she knew it got me revved up for later that night. Anyone else have any similar experience?


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I don't have the heart to remove the bra like you other folks do. But one thing for sure, we have a great appreciation for the bra.

i would like both of your gf. i like to see a woman without a bra as well with one but i have never had a gf but if and when i do i hope she is willing to gp without most of the time with her boobs out too part time.

I love my wife in a sexy black bra. The way it hugs her **** is a real turn on for me. Big bouncy cleavage pushed up between a lacy bra. Sooo good.

I've always been turned on by bras. I love to see what kind my girlfriend is wearing and then slide the straps off her shoulders. <br />
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A real turn on is lifting her breasts free and folding the cups underneath, leaving the **** and nipples pushed up. We make love sometimes with her wearing her bra like this and nothing else.<br />
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I like her to wear her silver top for a meal out, when you can just see the outline of a black bra underneath - that means there's lots to come later! <br />
<br />
She hasn't tried a quarter cup bra yet, but I think that would be great too.

bras simply hold the most beautiful ob<x>jects. I like to see their structure how they support and reveal. the sight of hi quality lace, expencive bras is the most exciting turn on, their texture. I like to se them on washing lines and know that the women wairing them are the most sexy

Wow, I am not the only one who has a bra fetish! I like em' all, epecially taking them off of my girl. Black bras turn me on. Don't know why or how, but they do.

I also like Bras, and i love to wear it under my male cloth. It's make me feel realy comfort and horny.


I LOVE bras so much they make so horney every time i see one even under someones shirt they are so hot

does it depend on the type of bra? what about a full coverage, no sign of boobs, kinda bra. Or how about one with the nipples cut out!!!

In fact, this story could have been written by me. I've a lingerie fetish in general, but bra's are the ultimate turn on. I think it is the most exiting piece of (under-) garment ever. I feel attracted by them since early youth. Just seeing the should straps turns on my fantasies ...