I'll just go ahead and start listing them off.

  1. I like watching guys doing anything that people don't normally get to watch them do. Taking a shower, changing clothes, taking a leak, shaving off body hair.

  2. Underarm hair. Combined with nudity, it's an incredible turn-on. There's something about the fact that guys don't normally lift their arms for anyone to be able to see it, combined with the way it feels.

  3. I like guys who are uncircumcised.

  4. I like guys with piercings, particularly nipple or genital piercings.

  5. Naturally, an uncut guy with a PA would be awesome.

  6. I like tattoos. Logan McCree (the guy with the near full-body tattooing) is perhaps the most beautiful man on the planet.

  7. Kilts. But only when they're done properly (nothing underneath them).

  8. On that note, I love it when guys are clearly not wearing underwear.

  9. And on that note, I love it when a guy sits/squats down and you can either see up his pants, or his **** falls right out.

  10. I love gingers.

  11. I love hairy guys. A hairy ginger...

  12. I love watching a straight guy have gay sex for the first time, especially if he winces a little or otherwise sounds uncomfortable.

  13. I love uniforms. Cops, firemen, athletes, cowboys (not a uniform, but close enough).

  14. Similarly, I love a man in a suit (and then out of the suit).

  15. Facials.

  16. I love when a guy is fully clothed, but his **** is visible.

  17. Public nudity.

  18. I like to see a guy *** in the other guy's mouth.

  19. Bareback pron. Especially when the guy finishes before pulling out.

  20. Twins, brothers, cousins, or other same-generation familial relation (when everyone involved is okay with it).
  21. I'd never take advantage of such a situation, but a guy sleeping is quite a turn-on
  22. Minor injuries. A guy with a couple of bruises or scars. I don't know why, and it seems incredibly weird to me, but still.
b2alasdair b2alasdair
18-21, M
Feb 15, 2010