I'm A Little Weird.........

I am a  mature woman over the age of 40.  I don't have any children cos I didn't and still don't want any. I like men.  I like sex.  But every so often, I get a very strong urge to walk around like I have a penis.  I like to have a bulge in my trousers that looks as tho I have a penis.  I like the thought of being a woman with a penis.  I put the object near my g-spot then wear a very tight pair of panties, so that the object is pressing against my vagina and its between my legs then, I put on a pair of trousers.  I then sit down and "play with myself".  I "***" very quickly and the ****** is amazing, better than with any man. Even thinking abut it makes me horny.  

wizzifloyd wizzifloyd
41-45, F
5 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Have you checked out/tried the newer style strap on.I goes up in you and sticks out like real hard on would,same angle etc.I talked to a post op TS who tried on on as a dare from a friend.She said it was close to how it felt before SRS[surgury}

The other day, I went to work with my bulge in my trousers. I wore very tight panties and tight jeans. I tucked my shirt very tightly into my jeans and wore a jacket. It was so exciting and such fun. The bus was crowded and I was standing next to a woman. The bus jolted and I fell on to this woman who looked at me, looked down, and smiled at me. It felt cool. I felt androgynous,. As the woman was about to get off, she grabbed my bulge and whispered call me, shuving a card into my hand. i was quite amazed and *** on the bus.

Yes, Kadya, I would.

Imapwm - I like it too. try it.....

Would you consider to 'take' someone as a man?